Cd Cover Scanning Tips

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Cover Preperation

Make sure the cover area that you are scanning is clean and free of dust as the scanner will pick upon the particles of dust upon refelcting the light form the image and make the image look distorted or blurred.

Flatten the Cover

Use a hardback book or something similar to flatten the cover down put the it in the fridge for twenty minutes and hey presto your cover is as good as new.
Covers scan the cover set 600dpi, this will have a resolution of 6480px x 4350px. Now open the image in an image editor and apply the correct filters and then resize the image to 3240px x 2175px whith a 300dpi this will give you as nice crisp image. Regarding Cover Labels scan the label set at 600dpi giving you an image with a resolution of 2800px x 2800px. Resize that down to 1400px x 1400px with your image editor.

Strigten up the Cover

Using your image editor open up your image and use the eyedropper tool and select measure tool and view the image in actual pixels. Now click and hold from corner to corner. Go to Image - rotate canvas - arbitrary.

Cropping the Cover

Go to Image - Crop and crop it to your desired image output.

Cover Half Tone Dots

Now brush up the image top make it look as clear and detailed as possible use the filters to make the image sharp and crisp. Save your work and your done you just made your first Cover // don't forget to connect to DB first!

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