Character Boosting Services in Online Games

Reaching the top in any online game is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to popular disciplines where you compete with millions of players. Gamers need to spend hundreds of hours developing their characters in the hope that their efforts will be rewarded in the end. In addition, many online games include repetitive quests, which make the gameplay less exciting. Is there a way to reach the top faster and with fewer troubles? Absolutely! In fact, there are 2 such paths – microtransactions and character boosting.

Comparing the 2 Options

Microtransactions are small purchases a player makes inside a game. And they are called “micro” for a good reason – commonly, microtransactions are unnoticeable for the peoples’ wallets but extremely beneficial to the game developers. These payments can appear in 2 forms:

  • Ones that don’t affect the gameplay directly, for instance, skins or costumes for characters.
  • Offers that make gamers’ lives significantly easier, such as in-game currency or experience traded for real money.

Character boosting involves handing a player’s account over to a professional gamer (or a company that provides such services) who will help the customer raise their character’s level, receive some in-game currency, or achieve any other objective. If you have ever tried some popular games, such as World of Warcraft, your browser was probably full of ads offering WoW boost. And while the service itself seems to be beneficial for gamers, it’s rather difficult to find a decent booster on the web. Fortunately, we’ve done that for you!

Finding a Reliable Provider of Boosting Services

If you are searching for WoW Classic power leveling, character boosting in Destiny 2 and Overwatch, or an easy way to gain new cards in Hearthstone, make sure to reach Epiccarry. Its dedicated team of 500+ professionals will gladly assist you in reaching the top in your favorite game. Epiccarry has successfully accomplished over 100.000 boosts since 2008, which clearly suggests that it can be trusted.


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