Is it Smart to Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card, Credit, or Bank Transfer?

The future of Bitcoin is uncertain, although there is tons of speculation about what will happen to the value of this cryptocurrency in the coming years. Some say that you should sell all of your Bitcoin assets ASAP, while others say that now is the time to stock up and get them while the market value is low.

Listening to all of these speculations and assumptions about what will happen with crypto can make your head spin. That’s why we are here to answer one simple question: in 2019, is it smart to buy Bitcoin with debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or any other payment method for that matter? Here we will discuss why Bitcoin  is indeed a wise investment to make right now.

The market value is currently low

The value of Bitcoin saw an all-time low in recent months, which made a lot of people wonder if things would ever look up for the cryptocurrency again. The value is slowly climbing once again, but the cost of Bitcoin is still lower than average. If you’re on the fence about purchasing some bits, just keep in mind that now is the time to do it. Invest in Bitcoin while it’s cheap, hopefully right before the number jumps again.

Buying, selling and trading has never been so simple

The times have certainly changed when it comes to cyber money. Buying and selling used to be much more difficult, even at times sketchy. Now you can choose from a number of cryptocurrency platforms to buy, sell, and even trade your other currencies for Bitcoin. These platforms are secure, easy to use, and often only require a small fee for transactions.

Coinbase is the most well-known crypto platform, but there are literally dozens to choose from. Find one that works for you, offers trading capabilities, has minimal fees, and provides an app to make purchases from your mobile device.

More companies are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method

In the past, some people felt that purchasing Bitcoin was a stupid investment since it’s not “real” tangible money. Why invest if you can’t actually spend your bits on anything? Guess what…. You can! More and more large corporations are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment method in exchange for their products or services.

You can buy pretty much anything with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Everything from home goods to cars to flight tickets can be bought with cyber money nowadays. Amazon is even looking into offering it as a payment method for the millions of products within their database.

Every investment is a risk, you just need to take the leap

You could chat with someone for hours, battling about whether or not investing in Bitcoin is a good decision or a bad one. You could look at the hard facts and numbers for ages, but when it comes down to it, investing in anything is a risk. You just need to decide if the risk is worth it to you.

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