Buying Runescape Gold Online

Buying Runescape gold online is the surest way to get your account banned not even suspended. What Jagex basically does is log your IP then ban any accounts originating from that IP address. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry as there are reputable vendors who will not only sell you runescape gold but without getting your account suspended.

Why avoid scrupulous vendors?

There are many gold sellers online with very enticing prices and empty promises that will only lead you to losing your account. When Jagex finds out about any scrupulous activity they will suspend both accounts for the buyer and the seller. For you it will be the last time you enjoy runescape, most of these sellers have different mule accounts which they use to sell the gold. If you have had an encounter with them you must have noticed that they never use higher player level accounts to transfer gold.They never associate the higher level players with gold transactions.The seller simply creates a shadow account which they use to make transactions. Whenever Jagex notices these activities they will close the ban the shadow account and any other account involved in the transaction.

What you need to know about Jagex is that they take such activity seriously and never listen to any appeal. You don’t need to go for these scrupulous vendors. Runescape is a very interesting game with lots of activities and fun. Nonetheless, if you want to acquire a lot of gold fast without going through the hassle of playing continuous missions then there are better ways to do it.

Will I get banned?

Yes you will get banned if you buy RS gold that was not acquired the legitimate way. There are professional companies that provide gamers with in-game currencies, accounts, items as well as power leveling services. Don’t just fall for anyone with an enticing trap as there are many ways of being scammed and getting your account banned. There are RS merchant sellers who bot for gold on runescape. The moment Jagex notices that your gold was acquired through this means they will ban your account without any apology. All user activities and every other account linked to that activity will be banned.

How to find a trustworthy gold seller?

When looking for vendors of Runescape gold online it is easy to stumble upon hacks, cheats and scams who intend to steal money from you. Not every great sale you find online is the best. The first step you need to take is check on the credibility of the website. Check reviews of the website, a good website that sells legit rs gold will definitely have positive reviews. You can also inquire from other gamers or friends.A trusted merchant of RS gold will guarantee your privacy online and wont share your personal information behind your back. Last but not list, a trustworthy vendor for runescape merchant will ensure that you receive exactly what you asked for within the shortest time possible.


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