Shaving Tips For Young Men

man shaving in bathroom

There’s no life circumstance that truly prepares you for the job of shaving, and not everyone has another dude in their world to teach them how to avoid common shaving pitfalls. There’s a method to the madness, and a way to keep a clean-shaven, blemish-free face.

Impress your someone special, make a good impression on the boss, or look your best for a big day. Read through some helpful shaving tips for young guys who are just starting out, and present your face with confidence.

Just add water

You don’t want to take a razor to your face without first hydrating. Soak your face with warm water, or shave your face while you are showering.

The warm water softens your facial hair, making it easier for your razor to glide seamlessly over your skin. You may also consider using a face wash prior to shaving. Removing any excess oil and dead skin will give you an opportunity for a more proficient shave.

Use a hydrating shaving cream

Apply a hydrating shaving cream in a thick and even layer over your face. Using shaving cream helps to soften the hairs on your face. Shaving cream also provides a clear guide as you shave.

Make gentle shaving strokes

Shave in gentle and even strokes. If you push down too hard, you can cut yourself. If you shave too fast, you can cause unnecessary razor burn on your face. Shave your face with a slow, methodical stroke, and you’ll get a smoother shave.

Shave with and against the grain

You may not always want to shave against the grain, but a smooth shave requires shaving with and against the grain of your hair. Reveal your soft baby face with a thorough shave.

If you like a rough, refined look, shave with the grain, and use an edging tool to create a cleaner finish. A naked chin isn’t always the best look for every man.

Use a precision razor for edging

When you’re getting the hard to reach places on your face, you need a more precise cut. Get a razor that has a single blade option, so you can more easily clean up the spaces around your nose and sideburns. An attempt with a 5 blade razor will leave you with little pieces of toilet paper all over your face.

Apply moisturizer or aftershave

Throughout the shaving process, moisturizer is important. After you’re done shaving your face, it’s important that you apply a moisturizer or aftershave. You want to close up your pores to keep your skin looking youthful, and you want to add moisture to avoid rashes or dry, flaking skin on your face.


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