The 5 Best Home Bachelorette Party Ideas

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If you want to plan a bachelorette party with a difference, why not do it all at home? Instead of going out, bring the party to you—indoors! Here are five fantastic ways to host an epic bachelorette party from your own house.

Travelling Supper

A sure way to whet your appetite is to travel for your supper. Start the festive celebrations at one friend’s house where you can enjoy starters, welcome cocktails and the first activity. After a few games, head on to the next friend’s place for your main meal and next proceedings.

Finish off the evening with dessert, drinks and more fun at another friend’s digs for the final destination. This takes eating out to a whole new level, and makes it even more fun if you’re preparing the food yourselves at each venue. Just be sure to assign a designated driver to transport you safely from one place to the next!

Cocktail Class

Every lady should be able to shake up a few cocktails! There are plenty of easy cocktail recipes you can make at home. If you don’t know how to make your own, get someone to come in and give you your own personal cocktail-making class to show you how it’s done.

Online Casino

A little gambling fun can go a long way. No need to travel to LA or Las Vegas if you can visit the casino virtually. Check out some of the best online casino options for your party that are sure to provide some excellent evening entertainment. You just might also make a few extra bucks or let the bride-to-be come out tops!

You can also play poker as you work your way through your delicious eats and drinks. If you aren’t already familiar with the game, hire someone to come in and teach you all the tricks.


Singing and dancing makes everything better. After your third course, liven things up with some karaoke. Maybe a friend has SingStar. If not, there are many free online karaoke options. There’s no reason why you can’t dress up or get into character a little too. When you’re comfortable with your best friends—and especially not out in public in front of random strangers—you can really sing your heart out.

Sum it Up with a Sleepover

There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned sleepover. What better way to end off the evening than by getting into your pyjamas on a mattress in the living room and eating some brownies & ice cream? Maybe throw a manicure, pedicure or face mask into the mix, as you watch some cheesy chick flicks. This is the perfect way to celebrate the final countdown to the Big Day.

What are you waiting for? Get dressed up and paint your neighbourhood red as you enjoy a bachelorette party of a different kind. With your favourite girlfriends around you right from the comfort of your own home, this is one celebration that you’re all unlikely to forget!


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