The Hands of Stone DVD Cover and Review

The Hands of Stone DVD cover features each of the film’s main actors Edgar Ramirez, Robert De Niro, and Usher Raymond IV. The central figure on the DVD cover is Edgar Ramirez, who plays the film’s central character Roberto Duran, a real-life Panamanian fighter who enjoyed a lengthy career as a professional boxer. Ramirez is shown in the ring with his boxing gloves on ready to fight, while De Niro is also pictured standing ringside, while Usher Raymond IV is shown looking at Ramirez with his boxing gloves on.

What is the Hands of Stone about?

The Hands of Stone follows the career of Roberto Duran, who first started fighting as a professional boxer at the tender age of 16 and did not retire from professional boxing till he turned 50. At the end of his career, Duran still was the only boxer to have beaten Sugar Ray Leonard, by going the distance and beating Sugar Ray Leonard on points. As every other fighter who beat Sugar Ray Leonard knocked him out.

If you’re interested in seeing how Roberto Duran managed to beat Sugar Ray Leonard by using his coach Ray Arcel’s strategies, it’s definitely worth watching the Hands of Stone as you’ll get to see Duran’s lead up to his bout against Sugar Ray Leonard as well as their classic fight. Which will go down in history as one of the most exciting boxing matches of all time.

Is it worth watching the Hands of Stone?

If you thoroughly enjoy watching fighting films such as Rocky Balboa, Creed, and Raging Bull, it’s well worth getting your hands on a copy of Hands of Stone. As it boasts numerous world-class actors. If you’re a fan of Robert De Niro films except to impress as De Niro gives a natural, highly nuanced performance as real-life boxing trainer Ray Arcel who was responsible for helping Roberto Duran become a legendary, critically acclaimed professional boxer.

However, the real star of The Hands of Stone is definitely Edgar Ramirez, who should catapult into superstardom in the next couple of years. If Edgar’s name seems familiar you may have seen Edgar act as Bodhi in the recent remake of the cult hit “Point Break”, which originally starred Kurt Russel as Bodhi. Other well-known films on Ramirez’ credits, which you may have seen include “The Girl on the Train”, which starred Emily Blunt and “Joy”, which starred Oscar award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

In Hands of Stone Ramirez gives an incredible performance. So much so, that you can expect to be thoroughly annoyed by the arrogance of his character Roberto Duran, who in real life was a controversial character. Due to his cocky attitude. If you’ve ever seen the real-life Roberto Duran give an interview, you’ll be wowed at how accurate Edgar Ramirez’ portrayal is.

Does Usher Raymond IV give a convincing performance as Sugar Ray Leonard?

Yes, Usher Raymond IV, while a relatively unknown actor was expertly cast in his role as Duran’s opponent Sugar Ray Leonard.

So if you’re in the mood to watch a boxing movie or a true to real life biopic, it’s well worth finding a copy of the Hands of Stone!

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