The Top 5 Tech Gadgets of 2018!

The Top 5 Tech Gadgets of 2018!

If you love technology simply continue reading to discover a list of 5 of the top tech gadgets which are currently for sale. Examples of which include a navigation system which implements augmented reality technology and household devices which can make phone calls for you and control your home’s thermostat.

The Top 5 Tech Gadgets of 2018:

1. The Powerdot

If you work out on a regular basis and often suffer from sore aching muscles, it’s well worth investing in the Powerdot. Which you can easily attach to any area of your body in order to provide your body with electrical muscle stimulation, which will help your muscles recover from any stiffness or soreness which you may be experiencing. Best of all you’ll be able to control your Powerdot, using your Smart Phone.

2. Nuraphones

While you may be skeptical about the claims which each new brand of headphones offers, Nuraphones are expected to take the world by storm as they claim to be capable of learning your individual preferences and can adapt to your hearing.

To tailor your experience, simply create an individual hearing profile by simply listening to otoacoustic emissions for one minute. Better yet once you’ve created your own unique listening profile, your headphones will always play music that is crisp and clear. Even your favorite songs will sound crisper and clearer than you remembered.

3. The Echo Show

The new version of Echo Show can assist you in making hands free calls to your friends and family members and can even show you who’s standing outside your front door. By connecting to your security camera’s feed. If you’re the proud parent of a newborn you can even get Echo Show to show you whether or not your baby is sleeping in their nursery, whilst you’re in the lounge or kitchen.

Echo Show can also help you control your home’s thermostat, lighting, and sound. So if you’re looking to simplify your life as much as you possibly can, it’s well worth investing in the Echo Show.

4. The Roku Streaming Stick

If you’re looking for a simple way to stream shows from a variety of different entertainment providers onto your flat screen television, it’s well worth purchasing the Roku Streaming Stick. Which will allow you to stream television programs and movies from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

So if you love nothing more than binge-watching your favorite shows such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, it’s well worth getting your hands on a Roku Streaming Stick.

5. Navdy Augmented Reality Windshield Projected Navigation

This particular system projects maps, directions, phone calls and the current time onto your windshield using innovative augmented reality. Better yet to answer a phone call, all you’ll have to do is to wave your hand. Lastly, this system is fully compatible with the bulk of music streaming services. Examples of which include Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

So if you love keeping up to date with the latest tech gadgets, it’s well worth treating yourself to one of two of the handy gadgets listed above.

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