The Most Lucrative League of Legends Teams In The World

The premier competitive video game, League of Legends has the honour of calling itself the world’s biggest Esport. Boasting a user base over 80 million active players a month, Riot Games’ flagship MOBA title has been at the top for the better part of a decade now and kept itself fresh with regular gameplay updates, new champions, lucrative microtransactions and a free to play model, as well as some of the most visually awesome events, competitions and conventions in the gaming world.

With so many millions of dollars floating around the industry, it’s only natural that teams and players are on hand to cash in. According to Liquidpedia, $61,811,695 has been earned by teams currently active in League of Legends right now, with the following sides leading the way in terms of the biggest splits so far.

T1 – $5,874,689

Also known as ‘SK Telecom T1’ in the server, T1 are a South Korean org originally founded back in 2002 who have been ever-presents at the top of the League of Legends competitive scene since their foray into the community back in 2014. Housing arguably the greatest player to ever touch the game in Faker as a Mid laner and part owner, they have become regular favourites in the League of Legends betting markets around the world and have since gone onto become the only side to win the World Championship three times and twice on the bounce.

The online era of League has proven to be a bit of a mixed bag for T1, going 5-3 during July this year and dropping down to third in the GosuGamers power rankings. They have since reared back with three wins on the bounce at the time of writing however and, like every great champion, know how to really turn things on when the going gets toughest.

Invictus Gaming – $3,642,381

Founded by the son of the man Forbes ranks as the third wealthiest person in China, Invictus Gaming have existed in the League of Legends scene since August 2nd 2011, less than two years after the game first launched. Whilst always a household name in the community, it was only arguably in 2018 that the org cemented themselves as one of the greats. Having arrived at the 2018 World Championships as dark horses, they stunned fans around the world with wins over KT Rolster, G2 and then Fnatic in the grand final to secure their first ever Worlds title.

Royal Never Give Up – $2,757,446

Another one of China’s biggest Esports brands, Royal Never Give Up have tasted success in the likes of Overwatch, PUBG and League of Legends since their formation back in 2015. Whilst they’re yet to win a World Championship at the time of writing, they’re consistency is something to be marvelled at; they finished 5th-8th in 2016, 3rd-4th in 2017 and then 5th-8th again in 2018. On top of that, they’ve proven to be  just as successful with other Premier events around the world, winning three LPL events between 2016 and 2018 and netting another $112,000 for finishing 2nd at LPL Summer as late as this summer.


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