3 Iconic Attractions to Visit on a Hong Kong Family Vacation

Lively and tourist-friendly, Hong Kong is a great pick for a first overseas family vacation. The special administrative region has long been famous for being a premier shopping and culinary destination, but it’s also packed with wholesome amusements for children and their parents to enjoy.

Below, we list some of Hong Kong’s most iconic attractions that no family should miss seeing while on a holiday in this world-class city. Consider booking a Hong Kong tour package with Traveloka or another reputable travel booking website, then plan your itinerary to include these three leading destinations.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has attracted tens of thousands of families to come and visit Lantau Island ever since it opened in 2005. It is the largest theme park in the city and is still being improved and expanded on. For instance, the park’s centerpiece castle is currently being transformed in order to pay tribute to multiple Disney princesses, where it was only dedicated to Sleeping Beauty before. It also recently unveiled a new ride based on the Marvel Studios’ blockbuster hit “Ant-man and the Wasp,” which just opened this past March 2019.

As is the staple in many Disney parks around the world, families can enjoy plenty of rides and shows at the Hong Kong Disneyland’s themed lands. The mainstays Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland have been joined by new themed locations that go by the names of Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land, and Mystic Point. Still to come is Arendelle: World of Frozen, which is expected to open in 2021, and an as yet unnamed Marvel-themed area set to open in 2023.

A landmark ride that can only be found in Hong Kong Disneyland is the Mystic Manor, which was inspired by the iconic Haunted Mansion ride, found in other Disney parks around the world. Less grim and more fantasy-themed than the classic Haunted Mansion ride, the Mystic Manor takes guests on a trackless electric carriage through the home of the enigmatic Lord Mystic and his pet monkey, Albert. Children will marvel at how fixtures in the manor such as paintings, statues and other artifacts from Lord Mystic’s travels come magically alive!

There’s also the Iron Man Experience, which is sure to delight both young and old fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s flagship character. The 3D motion simulator allows guests to experience what it’s like to fly all over Hong Kong with Iron Man as he battles the evil forces of HYDRA.

With the new Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app, it’s now easier than ever to check wait times on many of these top attractions, as well as to locate your favorite Disney characters for a photo-op or an autograph.

Ocean Park

Opened in 1977, Ocean Park continues to delight visitors with its diverse variety of rides and attractions. With the aim to “Connect people with nature,” it combines various animal attractions and shows with world-class rides that families would expect at a topnotch amusement park in order to educate while entertaining. It features two main areas: the Waterfront and the Summit, which can be accessed via cable car or funicular railway.

At the Ocean Park, families can create cherished memories by booking encounters with beloved animals such as dolphins, penguins, and the park’s resident walrus. Kids and their parents can get into the tanks with the trainers to meet, touch, and even feed their favorite creatures. Afterwards, they can catch a seal and sea lion show over at Whiskers’ Theatre, or head to the Grand Aquarium to marvel at over 400 species of marine life—including manta rays and hammerhead sharks—that call the aquarium their home. If these experiences aren’t wild enough for your family, there’s also a panda habitat and an alligator marsh on the premises.

Additionally, there are also four—count ‘em—roller coasters for adrenaline junkies. Make sure not to miss Hair Raiser, which is a floorless coaster that hurtles passengers through a thrilling track at speeds of up to 88 kilometers per hour. There’s also The Abyss, which takes guests on a slow ascent up to a height of 20 stories before plunging them right back to the ground. Not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure!

The Peak

Iconic Victoria Peak (or just The Peak to locals) is one of those places you simply have to cross off the list when visiting Hong Kong—otherwise, did you even go there? Now is the best time to head up to the summit, as The Peak Tram has recently resumed services after undergoing the first phase of major upgrades; it’ll close again in the summer of 2020.

Up in the peak, you’ll find a handful of things to do beyond admiring panoramic views of the city from the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong: the Sky Terrace 428. Visit Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong for photo opportunities with incredibly lifelike wax sculptures of your favorite celebrities and fictional characters. Go for a picnic at Mount Austin Playground, which features play equipment suitable for children aged 5 to 12. Last but not the least, visit Victoria Peak Garden, a Chinese-style garden that offers plenty of green space for the little ones to run around in.

These three Hong Kong attractions are already considered institutions by those who grew going on family holidays in the city. Which one do you look forward to visiting the most?

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