Michael Volitich: Why So Many People Play Sports

Sports is one of the most popular pastimes all over the world. Everyone from youth to the elderly engage in a range of different sports from ones that require little exertion to some that can cause great bodily harm. The reason is that sports are fun and they can also provide wonderful benefits for those who participate. Here are some of those benefits:


The world has entered a fitness crisis and too many of us have adopted sedentary lifestyles. This has increased obesity and the onset of debilitating diseases related to being overweight. Our lifestyles make is difficult to change things but we have to undertake actions that get us moving and make us healthier. Doctors are clear about the needed antidote is for solving the issues we are seeing worldwide, and that antidote is exercise and sports.

Sports has many physical health benefits. They include:

A Better Heart – The heart is a muscle that gets stronger and does a better job when it is in shape. Sports gives your heart a workout and makes it better able to pump blood throughout your body. This important muscle pumping well creates better things all over your body as well. Your lungs and digestive system works better and your internal organs get more life giving blood.

A Stronger Immune System – Playing sports also improves your immune system which is the system in your body that fights diseases. This alternative pumping system moves white blood cells where needed to fight against viruses and bacteria that have invaded you. The more you work out the stronger this system gets and the healthier you are.

Stronger Muscles and Tendons – Having stronger muscles gives you many benefits. First of all you look better. You are also able to move around easier and with less strain. You can also handles chores and physical challenges easier. You also get internal benefits. Stronger muscles help with digestion and in keeping your bones aligned which helps prevent problems with the spine and other bones throughout your body.

Psychological Benefits

Those who play sports professionally understand the psychological benefits from sports. They often tout how they can concentrate better and work through highly stressful situations more easily as a result of playing a sport. Runners talk about the high they receive when the run long distances and say that it puts them in a place of calm unlike anything else. People that play sports like Michael Volitich tend to be more calm and relaxed and have a better outlook on life. The beneficial effects playing sports on the brain are well documented. Studies have shown that playing sports can raise the production of the body’s stress and anxiety reducing chemicals called endorphins. And this affect lasts long after you finish playing. When you play sports regularly you will also find you’re your sleep, self-esteem, mental clarity, and resilience improve greatly.

With such a wide range of physical and mental benefits from playing sports it is easy to see why so many people participate and why so many more should.


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