Arshad Madhani Shares: 5 Travel Destinations Every Entrepreneur Should Visit In 2019

Hi, my name is Arshad Madhani. I work hard as a digital marketer and entrepreneur. I was driven into the entrepreneurial line of work because of my love of travel. The benefits of being in the digital space, is that I can work from virtually anywhere. Here are some spaces that I recommend entrepreneurs pack up their laptops and pay a visit to in 2019.


Anyone traveling around the world and trying to work needs to target areas that are advanced. After all, chances are you need a steady connection to the internet, not to mention spots to charge up from time to time. Thailand is the most advanced country in its area of Asia, which makes it the perfect travel destination for an entrepreneur.

Everything is extremely cheap in Thailand. A person can eat and enjoy life on a very tight budget. The best thing is, they have many of the same amenities most people are used to, only at a much cheaper price.


For a lot of people around the world, India is a bit of an enigma. Even though it has over 1 billion people in the country, not a lot of people know much about it. Going to a city like Mumbai or Delhi can be a life changing experience for any traveler out there.

Like Thailand, the cost to enjoy life is pretty inexpensive. Since it is a country that is just now exploding with technology, there is a lot of excitement around business in general. This fits right into the entrepreneur lifestyle.

New Zealand

New Zealand is very difficult for a lot of people to get to, but nearly everyone comes back raving about the small country. It is just so much different than a lot of other areas around the world, and with it being one of the safest countries out there, there are really no worries.

Some entrepreneurs might consider moving there at some point. It is very convenient for entrepreneurs, offering new opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere.


Costa Rica usually gets the most recognition in South and Central America for an underrated vacation spot. While it does have a lot of benefits, Ecuador seems to be a country that is gaining on them quickly.

Safety has always been a concern in a lot of South and Central American countries, but Ecuador is one of the safest right now. Spanish is primarily spoken in the country, but there are plenty of people who speak English as well.

Many travelers will target Ecuador at first, and then branch out to other countries that are pretty close by. It is definitely a very easy way to reach out to a few different countries.

San Francisco

For the final travel spot, I had to throw in a city in the United States. There are a lot of great places for entrepreneurs to live, and San Francisco is up there. However, it is extremely expensive. So why not just visit instead?

The vibe around the city for entrepreneurs is unlike anywhere else in the world. Simply put, this is the city every single person in the United States should check out at least once.

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