3 Tips for Picking the Best Voice Changer App for Halloween

I remember when I was younger, my best friend and I would laugh all night prank calling other friends trying to disguise our voices so they didn’t know who we were. My best friend recently sent me the link below, and wow do I wish we had these when I was growing up!

Best Apps for Voice Changing

Take a look at the apps on the list but be sure to keep reading for some tips on how to really scare your friends or make the double over in laughter this Halloween.

Make old files hilarious with editing on apps

If you want to have fun with changing voices on some audio recordings you have, you’ll need to find an app like clownfish voice changer that works similar to an editing program for audio files. With this app you can get detailed and have the advantage of a lot of features to do stuff like add special effects and change the pitch of the voice or the volume. Other apps can be a bit simpler for someone just starting to play with voice changing apps. These apps will allow you to choose certain filters to add to uploaded video or audio files like robot filters, computer voice filters, or even a famous person’s accent. Some of these apps can have the option to add fun effects to videos as well as the sound effects. Just make sure whichever app you choose allows you to share your edited creation with friends and on social media so you can share it.

Prank calling your friends with a high pitched voice

It is so fun to use an app to change your voice into a higher pitch to prank call your friends. You can sound like you sucked on a helium balloon or if you have a male voice, turn it higher pitched to sound like a young girl. If you want to up your game in the high pitch department, use an app that features lots of options for raising or lowering the pitch and play for hours with all the combinations. There are apps that let you do this real time which is almost too much fun to even call someone. Make sure the app you decide on has really good and convincing effects, otherwise your best friends will see right through the effect and know its you. Since they know you so well it might be hard to get a prank passed them, you need a good app that can truly make your voice unrecognizable to your friends and keep the prank going on as long as possible.

Non stop fun on every device with a voice changer

If you want a voice changer that works with your gaming console, online gaming, or any other form of live chat on your computer not to worry, most apps will play your voice in real time through your phone so you don’t have to add more cost to your voice changing fun. You can even use the same app for voice changer for phone and voice changer for discord, you just need to go into settings and expand the input device list and you are good to prank call on your phone and play with funny voices on your gaming device.

You can also upgrade your voice changing fun by going on a shopping app and buy some additional voice changing technology that can be attached to other devices. This way no matter what device you use, you can have your voice changing technology.


Now that you have 3 tips on how to find the best voice changer and a link to some of the best apps to download. No matter if you are using your phone, wanting to prank someone with simple or more advanced voice changing technology or you want to change your voice while playing a game online. There are apps and voice changing technology that will help you perfect your prank.


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