Tips on How to Avoid Accidents and Injuries at Home


If you think that you are completely safe inside your home, you are wrong. According to reports, a significant percentage of accidents and falls happen right inside the home. Bad things can happen anytime of the day and to any member of the family, including you. Everyone in the household should be responsible for making sure to avoid accidents from happening. Here are some essential tips to remember to give you peace of mind in the comfort of your home.


Many accidents can happen inside your bathroom. It is a good idea to look into some shower enclosures to keep the floors dry. Any family member may accidentally slip and suffer from a sprain or fracture. If you have elders or family members with special needs, you can install handrails to help support them while taking a shower or taking care of their hygiene.

Also, if you have a bathtub, never leave small children, especially toddlers, alone or unsupervised. They might play with water while you are busy doing other things and that can cause them to drown accidentally. It is better to remove the plug to keep the water running or lock the bathroom door.

Living room

If you have toddlers, it is normal for them to play and explore as much as they can. They can run around and trip on exposed wires and cables. It is best to hide them out of plain sight to avoid accidental falls. Electric shocks can also happen if you leave plugs and outlets exposed to kids; hardware stores sell protective covers that will prevent them from getting electrocuted, which can lead to severe burns and even death.


One of the most dangerous places inside the house is the kitchen. Small kids should not be allowed to wander around the area because they might accidentally spill hot food or boiling water on themselves. Knives and other kitchen tools should also be out of their reach. Also, make sure to turn off the stove whenever you need to leave because you might accidentally set your kitchen on fire.


Never leave your kids alone in the garden, especially if you do not have a fence to keep them safe. They could run across the street and get hit by a car orclimb up a tree without your knowledge and suffer a severe fall.

Garden tools such as the lawnmower, grass trimmers, shears and the water hose should be kept inside the garage or shed when not in use. These things can cause significant accidents if left lying around.

In case of emergencies, everyone in the household should know how to respond to the situation. Teach your children to keep calm at all times and how to apply first aid to minor injuries. For more serious injuries, it is best to call an ambulance or take the victim to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

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