4 Tips For Dating In Your Thirties – With Dayanna Volitich

Dating in your 30s isn’t easy and there are all kinds of obstacles and barriers to success. Your emotions have changed and so too your desires, so how do you go about it?

What do you really want?

When Dayanna Volitich was in her mid-20s, she wanted someone who drove a nice car and could afford fancy restaurants, and although she still believes these material things, she is now in her 30s, she wants more in an significant other. She has always been a nervous person, so she needs a partner who can make her feel at ease. She’s very upbeat and a social butterfly and someone who can hold their own in a conversation and socialize is an idea. She wants a partner who can teach her new things and make her laugh.

“Find out what you really want in a partner,” Dayanna Volitich’s advice. “And figure it out soon, for the clock is ticking.” Sit down and write down the names of previous dates, and next to their names write down the things you’ve liked and the things you didn’t like, in order to get a clear-cut picture of how your personality works in relation to others. Read it with care and detailed attention and you’ll start noticing the patterns in favor and the patterns that will stress your emotional needs. Then you’ll start making the right choices.

The Past is the Past

Single people in their 30s have dealt with heartbreaks— either ghosting, cheating, or death. But all those things are best left in the past. It’s never a good time to discuss how your ex entirely broke your heart for the time of the relationship and you barely even noticed it until you went through his/her phone. Get rid of that picture! It serves you not to live in a situation that no longer exists, and it sure as hell doesn’t define you anymore, because you are not the same person you were back then. “one person cannot get into the same river even once.”.

Never Give Up!

Previous relationships can leave their scars which can affect our decision going forward. How can you get hurt if nothing can get in, right? Well, there is a detriment to that; because just as nothing bad can get in, nothing good will get in either, and even more important, your walls will deflect even the most handsome and sweet noble arrows thrown from a knightly bow. You’ll not only be invisible or impermeable to those with ill intent, but also to those who could be the “right one.” “I put my walls down and I can’t express how happy I am that I did.” Dayanna Volitich Says.

Don’t Feel Jaded.

When you’re in your 30s feeling jaded and bitter are almost a given; your own mind betrays your desires simply because you have reinforced an idea attached to a number. This is the worst kind of programming for a still young and vibrant mind. Suddenly the mind overshadows the heart and as hard as it might be beating, you will be deaf to its enthusiasm. Dayanna Volitich told us, “When you meet someone, talk to them. You never know how much someone else likes you until you give yourself a chance to be liked.”

Dating in your 30s really is easier than it seems, you just need to keep on going.

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