Contemporary Rakhis: A Blend of Modernity with Tradition

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which is full of traditions, rituals, and customs. There is a specific method of celebrating any festival and Rakhi is not any different from them. A set of rules are defined which has to be followed for a blissful Rakhi celebration. Tying Rakhi is one of the most important parts of Raksha Bandhan. For this, sisters indulge themselves in deciding a perfect Rakhi which can go well with her brother’s personality. For this, they roam the whole day in the market and even they have started online Rakhi shopping because they do not want to miss any special moment related to Raksha Bandhan.

But, nowadays there are many options for a single Rakhi and all of them look super cool. One cannot go without confusion about which one to choose. In earlier times, only a single thread is considered as the sacred thread which is sent to the brothers. But, now the picture of Rakhi is entirely different. Rakhis of now have big centers decorated with different designs and ornaments. These Rakhi are modern and they simply look super cool and stylish. You can keep your Rakhi for the lifetime they are as beautiful as an expensive jewelry item.

If we talk about earlier days, there was only one type of Rakhi was available and that too was a single thread with which love, care, and blessings are attached. But, now we have hundreds of Rakhis available in the market. You can choose Rakhi according to the personality of your brother. You can also tie a Rakhi to your sister-in-law. They are called Lumba Rakhi. These Lumba Rakhis are also available in many varieties.

If we compare all these modernities when compared with the traditions results in vast difference. But one thing that is common between both is the unending love and concern of sisters for their brothers and the protective nature of brothers for their sisters. Whatever the type of Rakhi one chooses, the feelings attached with the thread will be the same for all. The modern Rakhis have taken over the traditional ones but, Raksha Bandhan is still celebrated with similar joy and happiness with the feelings of togetherness in hearts. This is nothing but simply the beauty of Indian festivals.

As Raksha Bandhan has gone through many updations Rakhis have also made a little different but interesting. Nowadays, there are as many Rakhi as sisters generally change their moods. They are present in different colors, shapes, styles, and of course in different forms. Some modern and unique Rakhis are listed below from which one can choose her favorite personal Rakhi and can send to her brother living in any location across the world.

  1. Musical Rakhi

This is the wonderful concept which has changed the boring look of Rakhi and also has made Rakhi a singing bird. This Rakhi is the type of Rakhi which has some sensors attached to it. When these sensors came in contact with skin, a piece of music start playing.

  1. Floral Rakhi

This Rakhi has the design which resembles a flower at the center. These flowers can be rose or any handmade flower fixed at the center to make it look beautiful.

  1. Sandalwood Rakhi

This sandalwood Rakhi has a sweet smell of sandalwood. The sandalwood is used in the form of some animal or flower used to decorate the Rakhi.

  1. Currency Rakhi

The currency Rakhis are very interesting to give. They have some coins or any rupee note attached to it.

  1. Personalized Rakhi

This is the best way to make Rakhi an out-spoke for your feelings which you want to express to your brother. The Rakhi can be made by adding a photo of both of you or you can also choose to give him a cool named Rakhi which is very trendy nowadays.

To buy these fantastic Rakhis, you can check online on gift portals. is one such gift portal which has a wide range of Designer Rakhi and Fancy Rakhi from which you can choose a perfect Rakhi for your brother.

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