Creating a Magazine? Why Best Version Media is The Ultimate Choice

I have been involved in the local community for some years now as a way for me to give back to my home town, and we have recently started a community group to deal with any issues that the town may have. As part of this we decided to start a local magazine which we would hand out to the residents on a monthly basis, to keep everyone informed of what was going on in their local area. After trying and failing with many publishing companies we finally found Best Version Media, a publishing company who provided us with the perfect service. This is an international company so I wanted to speak about them a little, and why we most definitely recommend them if you are looking to create a magazine.


One of the most important aspects of the magazine had to be price, given that we are a small community group who rely on donations and some small profits from events which we hold. Usually Best Version Media create their own magazines for small residents areas but after the request from us they were more than happy to create something for our community, at a very reasonable price, unlike many of the companies that we contacted who gave us one price, then ran a bait and switch and increased the price before we decided.


We decided that we would be the ones to create the content and the team at Best Version media were more than happy for us to do this. Not only could we create the content but the publisher was kind enough offer their expertise in putting together the magazine itself with out content. The content was very easy to send their way and the way in which the magazine flows is absolutely brilliant.

Local Businesses

A Best Version Media magazine also features a classifieds section which is perfect for our local businesses here to spread their name about. The whole idea of the community is that everyone has their say and the classifieds give our local business men and women the perfect place to advertise themselves, it also meant we could charge a small amount for advertising, which then went towards the cost of the magazine.


Something else which the company provided was outstanding communication at all times, and ultimate punctuality when it came to delivering the magazines. This professionalism is exactly why they have great reviews online and why we would certainly recommend them.

If you are looking to do something similar to us then be careful with publishing companies as they are not all what they say they are, Best Version Media however most certainly is, and this is why I would recommend that you use their services for the magazine that you want to create.


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