5 Things a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Do For You

More small business and major corporations are focusing on their social media accounts as a form of marketing. If you have a relatively small following, managing this on your own is possible. But if you’re hoping to grow your following and made the most of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, a social media marketing agency can work wonders.

Account Management

No matter if you have a business account or just a personal one, you probably take some measures to manage it. For a business, there is a lot involved in account management. There are 2 major components of business account management: content creation/publishing and engagement.

Sharing relevant content that your followers will find valuable and interesting is the first step of management. Or you can opt for original content that you have created yourself. Whatever content you choose to share (whether you create it or just publish it) try and share and post as often as you can – or leave it to a social media marketing specialist.

Engagement is constituted by tons of tasks, including responding to followers and friends, deleting spammy comments, contacting influencers, and creating relevant social media partnerships. It can be a lot of work, especially if your account is extremely active.

Account Growth

Growing your social media presence might not be your one and only goal, but it certainly should be at the top of your list. Growing an account basically just means getting more followers, but it also means staying engaged with them. Never trust a social media marketing agency that insists on buying fake followers. This is never a smart idea and it could end your account for good. Find a firm that has a strategy for doing it the proper way.

Customer Service

Social media engagement covers this a bit, but there should be a strong focus on customer service as its own entity. There should be a social media rep who is solely focused on this and only this. If you outsource someone from a marketing agency, you’ll have to work closely with this person to help train them on your policies and how to solve customer problems.

The goal is not just to respond to customer inquiries on social media as quickly as possible, but do it in the best way possible. If a potential customer sends a question via Facebook chat and receives a lackadaisical response or no response at all, this does not boast well for business.

Social Media Advertising

You can pay to advertise on social media, but each platform has different rules, regulations, processes, and costs involved. A social media marketer can take care of all paid advertising and will understand which platform should be utilized most based on your goals and budget.

The first step in advertising on social media – or anywhere for that matter – is to establish your target audience. Then you need to create an advertising campaign to reach these people. You might think that relying only on organic searches for marketing is fine, but you’ll see a major boost in company growth through paid advertising efforts.


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