5 Ways Build Up a Bangle Collection Matching your Personality

Building a diamond bangle jewelry collection is versatile way of ensuring that you have a great jewelry wardrobe, and always ready to step out right for every occasion. Bangles are the best way to adorn oneself if one does want to look too over the top. Also, a lot of emphasis is laid on earrings and necklaces while the wrists are often overlooked. However, our hands do a lot of talking, as most would know, and there is nothing better to make the right impression than a sleek bangle adoring the wrist. Here are 5 ways to build an enviable collection:

  1. Design: Of course, the design is the foremost aspect of building any collection. From the classic and vintage designs to the trendy bangles with contemporary cuts, try to have one of each in your collection. The designs should reflect your personality and they should bring out the best in you. It is a good idea to browse for a number of styles before making the purchase and that will help you land up with the most unique designs for your collection.
  2. Day wear and night wear: While building a collection, make sure that there are bangles suitable for use for day wear and for night wear. If you are at a presentation at your office, you will need a particular type of bangle while you are attending a party or a wedding in the evening, you will need something else entirely to make the right statement. The pieces should hence be a mix of lightweight and heavy bangles so that it matches your attire as well as the occasion you will be attending.
  3. Size of diamonds: The size of the diamonds encrusted in the bangles will make a statement of their own. A bangle encrusted with smaller diamonds on all sides will have one kind of effect while a bangle which has a few bold and chunky diamonds at the center, with a band of gold or platinum all around, will have quite another. Depending on how you are feeling and how glamourous you want to look, you should decide on the bangle to go into your collection.
  4. Budget: Well, this is definitely one of the most practical aspects to remember while building a collection of diamond bangles. One could be spending a good deal from one’s savings or salary for their jewelry so it is important to ensure that every penny spent is worthwhile and you have invested in something really good, that will be with you for a long span of time.
  5. Quality of Diamonds: When you are looking forward to building a collection which you can be proud of, then it is important that the diamonds are of the supreme quality. Buying a number of pieces at particular price point, rather than only one, might be a tempting proposition, but it is far more prudent to invest in only the best quality so that you have not only made a collection is terms of style, but also ensure that you will get good returns on your collection in future, if needed.

Hence, by keeping these few points in mind, you are sure to build an enviable collection of diamond bangles and they will keep all the attention on you when you step out.

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