You Thought Celebrities Have It Easy?

You’ve probably heard a lot of celebrities complaining how hard their life is. And they are right, they have problems like everyone else, with the small exception that if they are slightly smart, compared to the rest of us, they don’t at least have money problems. However, it seems that for some celebrities, even if they bought powerball lottery tickets online and won a jackpot, chances are that they would be back to where they started from in a matter of years. Here are a few celebrities who don’t seem to be able to handle their money, for one reason or another.

Lindsay Lohan
I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who wouldn’t have heard this name. The former child star partied so hard, spending so much money on alcohol and drugs and lavish lifestyle that she couldn’t even get hired for new roles anymore. These days she might only have $500 000 on her account. For most people it would be not bad at all, but for people like Lohan used with a different lifestyle, we could say that this is nothing.

Mike Tyson
At the height oh his career he was worth around $300 million. Now, after paying a lot for attorneys, spending time in jail, divorcing, using money in not very smart ways, he’s currently worth around $3 million.

Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker who might be best known for Rush Hour movies is now $11.5 million in the negative due to foreclosed homes and years of back taxes.

Gary Busey
Actor known best possibly from Point Break movie, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in 2012, saying that he had less than $50 000 in assets while owing around $1 million to various creditors.

Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage made around $150 million between 1996 and 2011. However, by 2009 his fortune had shrank a lot due to lavish spending on a shark, crocodile, supercars, jewelry, private jet, and a lot more.

There are dozens more celebrities who have gone broke due to bad decisions. Some celebrities like to buy amazing expensive homes and still do good while some of them need to file for bankruptcy soon after.

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