Myths That Make People Fear Lawyers

It is no secret that lawyers get a really bad rap from overall public opinion. The truth is that lawyers are simply professionals that have a job, just like everyone else. There are obviously some attorneys that do not care about ethics but those that are highly successful are definitely not like that.

Unfortunately, many different myths appeared in regards to lawyers. All of these make people fear the professionals, which is not how things should be like. In order to shed some light on the subject, Joey Langston highlights some lawyer related myths you should never believe.

Myth – All Attorneys Are Sharks

In reality, the entire industry is highly competitive and debates are right in the middle. There are some that do manipulate circumstances in order to make it look like they are stronger or that the reality of the case is another one than what is actually true. As already mentioned, simply because some attorneys are sharks does not mean all of them are like that. Most of the lawyers are really honest and try to make a real difference.

Myth – Lawyers Are Paid Too Much

What should be known is that in many cases the lawyers are underpaid, not overpaid. An average court case does require so much more than what is seen inside the courtroom. Just think about going through legal documentation. This is an incredibly tedious process. Reviewing cases often takes so much more time than what people need. Good attorneys spend that time so that they are sure the case is as strong as possible. Even before reaching court an attorney has to interview people, design briefs for judges, outline cases, review legal documentation, review evidence and a whole lot more. In so many situations we see lawyers that are underpaid.

Myth – Attorneys Want Really Long Cases

This varies from one person to the next and individuals that want to draw out situations exist in every single industry. Just think about the mechanic that keeps the car in shop for way too long. However, most of the attorneys you will meet need to deal with many cases. Because of this, they want to resolve the cases as soon as possible. The sooner a case is over, the sooner a new one can be started. When a case is drawn out, it is usually because of external factors, like having to deal with a highly complex legal system.

Myth – The Best Lawyers Are Loud

It is a shame to see that many hire attorneys based on how loud they are. The truth is that most of the quality work that is done happens behind the scenes. For instance, all the intense study hours that a lawyer does are not taken into account. Some of the very best attorneys in the world actually work in their offices surrounded by a quiet environment. Never mistake passion for being too loud.

Myth – All Lawyers Hate Each Other

The reputation of an attorney can be damaged when he loses a case really fast and in a dominating fashion. As a result, revenue and business are lost. Animosity can easily appear in such a situation. However, this is not always a reality. In many cases the legal system will cause the lawyers to do work together. The same people that face each other in a court of law can end up working together on another case in the near future. Competition exists in every single profession but this does not mean that all lawyers hate each other.


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