Anouk Govil: What should all kayaking beginners abide by?

Whether you are a student at university, or happen to be heading into retirement in New York, kayaking is one of those sports that appeals to everyone.

For some it’s the definition of calmness, for others it’s all about the extreme nature of water sports. Regardless of the camp you fall into, if you are serious about giving kayaking a try it’s time to read on.

This article has been pieced together courtesy of the knowledge of Anouk Govil, who has vast experience in the field of kayaking. Bearing this in mind, we will now find out what his best suggestions are when it comes to beginners taking to the kayaking waters.

Don’t take the weather into account when it comes to your outfit

Even if you are venturing to the Connecticut rivers in the middle of summer, don’t be tempted to dress for the season. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people new to kayaking make.

Instead of the above, you need to be dressing for the water temperature. Put simply, you don’t have a clue how cold this is going to be and the weather doesn’t tend to point in you in the right direction.

It’s for this reason that a wetsuit is always advocated. By wearing this, you will at least preserve your body heat – even when the temperature drops to record levels.

Your boat choice matters

Something else that matters in the equation is your choice of boat. Put simply, some kayaking boats are more suited to beginners than others. Even if you have dabbled with kayaking at university as a student, it’s still recommended to opt for a sit-on-top kayak. The beauty about this is that it is more stable than alternatives, whilst being fairly easy to paddle at the same time.

Never take to the water without a buoyancy aid

It might make it look like you are an utter beginner, but this shouldn’t matter. Let’s be honest, you are a novice when it comes to kayaking, and a buoyancy aid is something that might just save your life.

The beauty about buoyancy aids when pitted against life jackets is that they allow you a lot more movement. This means that you can paddle much more easily.

Don’t be afraid of lessons

The experts might make it look as though it’s easy, but trust us, to start with kayaking is anything but. There will be occasions where your boat overturns, and you look anything but the controlled individual that is meant to don one of these boats.

It means that before you even consider jumping in a kayak, you should try and seek a lesson as a matter of urgency. This is something that will drastically improve that very first kayaking experience, and possibly make it feel like it wasn’t a complete waste of money. They don’t tend to be expensive, and it might make you fall in love with the sport a little quicker than the DIY approach.


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