Five Awesome Benefits of a College Education

Whether you are coming fresh out of high school or thinking of going back to continue your education, college is a wise move for many. Many studies have shown the benefits of attaining the higher level of education that college provides. From associate degrees to diplomas and courses more directly related to accreditation for specific work sectors, the higher level of education that colleges offer is fabulous.

Indeed, for many Americans now, earning their college degree is a central part of their life plan. They know that making the choice to get the extra qualifications under their belt will help them progress in the future and build a lasting legacy. When it comes down to it, choosing to increase your educational attainment level at college is all about opening up more doors and more opportunities for you.

Get the right college to get the right benefits

Attaining a higher level of educational achievement will always be a good thing to do. However, to get the most from it, you should choose which college to attend carefully.

This will mean looking at not only what courses are on offer but also what the entry requirements are and the academic record they have. There are also a host of practical things to think about, such as pastoral care and where it is located. It can be worth looking out for accredited colleges in your local area if you do not want to travel far each day or live away from home. Bryant & Stratton College has a number of regionally accredited colleges to consider – check out for more information.

What benefits does a college education deliver?

If you are still unsure as to what specific benefits going to college could bring, the below gives a great idea:

  • Better pay – there is just no getting away from the fact that those who graduate from college earn more generally than those who do not. Average annual earnings for a bachelor’s degree graduate is $50,000, while high school graduates only earn $30,000 each year on average. This gets even better if you gain qualifications at an even higher level, such as a master’s or PhD. Do this and you can see an average salary of $70,000 on the horizon.
  • Higher-level job opportunities – attaining a higher level of education at college can open up more attractive job opportunities to you when you leave. Many jobs beyond basic entry level will ask for higher-level qualifications when you apply. By holding a college degree, you are ensuring that you do not miss out and can work at a more senior level with all the rewards that this will bring.
  • Amazing personal development – going to college will help to make you a more rounded person who is mature enough to move into the adult world. This will benefit you in all areas of your life, from work where you need to be able to act professionally to your personal life where you will be equipped to stand on your own two feet. A higher-level education will also develop key skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and data analysis, which will be in demand when working. Colleges are great at helping you to grow and develop emotionally so that you are a better person when you leave.
  • Networking – professional networks are key to becoming successful in your chosen field after college. What many do not realize is that these networks are formed at college for many and play a lasting role in helping them progress in their career. Whether it is recommendations from college friends or a tip on a new opportunity from someone you knew on campus, the network you build up at college is a real bonus for later life.
  • Better job security – attaining a higher level of education is not only good for finding better, higher-paid jobs but also for keeping them. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Employers are less likely to lay off staff with specialist or higher-level knowledge when times get hard. Holding a college degree will also make you a more valuable commodity in your employer’s eyes and something they will not want to lose to competitors. All this means that your job security is much higher with a college education.

Higher educational achievement is worthwhile

If you are thinking of whether the investment into a college education is worth it, then hopefully the above should put your mind at rest. It is beyond doubt that going to college and gaining higher-level qualifications really does bring many advantages. From better pay to more job security and better job opportunities, it really is a worthwhile route to future happiness. When you add in all the fun you will have and the lifelong friends you will make, it gets even more attractive.

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