Body Worlds DVD Review

If you’re contemplating watching “Body Worlds” the DVD, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about “Body Worlds”, including whether or not it’s worth watching.

Body Worlds DVD Review:

“Body Worlds” is a documentary-style DVD which will take you behind the scenes of the world famous Body Worlds exhibition which featured real-life human organs and bodies in a wide variety of poses and scenes.

If you weren’t able to visit the Body Worlds exhibition it’s well worth watching the “Body Worlds” DVD in order to be able to virtually tour the exhibition and to view each scene up close.

One of the biggest advantages of watching “Body Worlds” instead of visiting the exhibition is that as you’re guided around the exhibition you’ll get a chance to learn about the human body’s 12 organs and their unique purposes. So if you have even the slightest interest in human anatomy and are curious about how the human body functions, you’re sure to find “Body Worlds” fascinating as well as highly informative.

Some examples of some of the scenes which you can expect to see include a scene where a fetus is shown in different stage of gestation inside its mother’s womb and a scene where you’ll be shown the damage which smoking has caused an individual’s lungs and liver.

Another part of the DVD which is bound to captivate your attention is the section which goes behind the scenes to show you how the Body Worlds exhibition was created. This process is referred to as plastination and was invented by Dr. Gunther Gunther von Hagens.

The process of plastination which is covered in the “Body Worlds” DVD involves first draining all present body fluids from a body before replacing them with resins and elastomers, which are pumped into each body using a high-pressure vacuum-like device. Each body is then cured using a combination of light, heat, and gas.

As well as getting to view all of the exhibitions in the Body Worlds exhibition you’ll also get to watch some of the visitors’ reactions to the exhibition. Which is interesting as each individual has a different reaction to the controversial exhibition some visitors are fascinated and wowed by what they see while other visitors are slightly disturbed by seeing human organs in the flesh, displayed like art for all to see.

So if you are curious about the Body Worlds exhibition which made international headlines and missed out on your opportunity to see the Body Worlds exhibition live, do yourself a favor and watch the “Body Worlds” DVD. Which is arguably the next best thing to visiting the Body Worlds exhibition in person.

Even if you were lucky enough to visit Body Worlds in the flesh, you may also be interested in watching “Body Worlds” the DVD in order to relive your incredible, once in a lifetime trip.

Just be warned that if you get queasy easily and are nervous about the thought of seeing cut up body parts close up, you may want to think twice about watching “Body Worlds”. As “Body Worlds” isn’t suitable for individuals who get queasy seeing blood or human organs.

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