3 Ways To Make the Most Out of Your Living Room Space

Not every living room has the same purpose. To some, this space is a sanctuary dedicated to total relation; others view it as the ideal entertaining spot for having fun with friends and family. To maximize the effect of the decor you choose, make sure it fits what you envision as the living room’s purpose. Here are three tips from expert interior designers Holmby Hills that can help:

1. Choose and Use Furniture Wisely

Whether you want a spot to binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows or an elegant place to host friends for evening cocktails, your living room’s main pieces of furniture need to reflect that. That’s why they should be the first items you choose and place:

  • Start with the focal point.
  • Scale layouts according to space.
  • Divide areas naturally with accent rugs.
  • Don’t be afraid of using the middle of the room.

Smart positioning allows the room to flow from conversation areas to breakfast nooks naturally.

2. Use Accent Pieces With a Practical Side

Many types of furniture are great at multitasking, helping living rooms of any size to feel spacious. Pieces that are both functional and decorative help you express yourself without eating up valuable floor space:

  • Tall bookcases.
  • Shelves.
  • Console tables.
  • Coffee tables with hidden compartments.
  • Sofas or sectionals with storage divans.

Take advantage of these pieces to display decorative objects, artwork, photographs and other design elements that tell a story.

3. Think Outside the Box

To really turn your living room into an extension of your personality, remember that it’s OK to color outside the lines. For example, no one said an ottoman is only for your feet. Depending on the desired style, ottomans add a retro twist or minimalist vibe by replacing seating, accent tables or coffee tables.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Living rooms tend to have a fluid quality that changes as you come across new experiences and inspirations in life, and they’re never truly “finished.” If you see a style you’re dying to try, take the leap! For innovative decor ideas that bring your personal design style to life, contact a professional Santa Barbara interior designer.

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