Coca Cola World – One Of The Best Atlanta Attractions

What comes in your mind (and Google) when you think of the historically significant and visually beautiful capital of Georgia? The top most results are covered and captured by the home of the most consumed beverage of the world – House of Coca Cola.

A roller coaster ride to the history of Coca Cola

The scrumptiously sweet and devouring taste of this beverage has revolved the drinking patterns of people across the world. With a consumption rate of over 1.9 billion drinks a day, the world of beverages has been revolutionized because of the mighty coke.

A fun fact

Did you know that Coca Cola has evolved so much in the past few years that 99% of people have access to this beverage but not freshwater?

The invention of Coca Cola

Coca Cola was invented by a pharmacist known as Dr. John S. Pemberton out of curiosity as he wanted to create a soft drink that tasted rather different from the others.


He created flavored syrup and got it mixed with carbonated water to maintain the soda vibe. The drink was rated as excellent by the people who were involved in tasting and reviewing it.

Naming this Legend

Bookkeeper and partner of Dr. Pemberton – Frank Robinson is considered responsible for naming the drink like Coca Cola. It has also been confirmed that he was the creating the brand identity with that distinguished trademark that stands out in the mob of beverages till date.

Initial Stages of Coca Cola

Initially, the beverage was sold for 5 cents a glass. Now people spend dollars on the beverage just to get a good amount stored in their fridge. The success of Coke is undeniable to an extent as it ranked as one of the top-selling beverages in the world.

Shares of Coca Cola

The shares of Coke were distributed to various people before the death of its mastermind inventor. One of the businessmen of Atlanta known as Asa G Chandler claimed the majority of the shares. He saw the potential of the rapidly succeeding Coke and hence decided to expand its sale outside Atlanta. The expansion was obviously a success.

Bottling Coca Cola

The issue of bottling the beverage started to arise when the company was copying other soft drinks in terms of bottling and was pretty inconsistent in that regard. However, in 1916 it was decided that the distinctive and appealing beverage should have a standardized bottling and packaging system just like its trademark. I am sure you won’t find a different coca-cola bottle anywhere!

The World of Coca Cola – Atlanta

It is without a doubt that we can deem Coca Cola as one of the most famous beverages in the world. What about the city where it was invented?

The World of Coca Cola has opened in 1990 as a tribute to the home town of the beverage.

Comprising of events and activities from the history of coke to various exhibitions, documentaries and souvenirs, the world of Coca Cola is considered as the one of the top and best Atlanta attractions.


The standard tour comprises of the visitors being taken to the land of Coca Cola where they show an entire documentary on the history and evolution of Coke.

After the documentary, the visitors are exposed to seven minutes of an emotional roller coaster, where people from different cultures and ages are having the best moments of their lives.

Drink Tasting

The Coca Cola world takes you to a tour of fizzy drinks around the world. Taste more than 100 kinds of soft drinks from across the globe. Don’t forget to pick the best one they have.

Coca Cola Beverages for Tasting

Some of the most popular drinks you can try are:

  • Coca Cola Life
  • Coca Cola diet
  • Coca Cola zero sugar
  • Coca Cola cherry
  • Coca Cola Vanilla

And there are several more up for grabs as well.

Drink the flavors of the world

Coca Cola world has been able to give its visitors a taste of the world. Sample and taste some of the finest and unique beverages across the world.

The eight most popular beverages are:

  • Inca Kola
  • Beverly
  • Bibo Candy Pine Nut
  • Sparletta Spartberry
  • Thums up
  • Fanta Pineapple
  • Guaraná Kuat
  • Fanta Melon Frosty

Explore the World of Coca Cola


The visitors are greeted at the lobby and treated to a fresh ice old drink. You can choose between the varieties. The drinks are on the house and a refreshing start to a sweet and fizzy tour ahead

The Loft

Understand and learn the heritage of coke and its importance to the people of Atlanta. The loft stores memories related to Coca Cola dated as old as 125 years.

Coca Cola Theatre

Allow yourself to dive in emotions with a six-minute film that features people from around the world having the best moments of their life.

The Secret Formula Vault

Coca Colas’ original secret recipe is stored behind the vaults that are firmly guarded and protected. Learn a lot about the making and history of Coca Cola through this magnificent tour.

Milestones of Refreshment

Enjoy a guided tour through the galleries that tell the success story of the brand.

Polar bear

Meet and take pictures with the legendary coca cola polar bear. Make sure to hurry as he doesn’t have a lot of time.

Coke Store

While you are on your way home, don’t forget to purchase a memorable souvenir for yourself, they even offer a surprise box that you get when you say surprise me.


The world of Coca Cola is one of the most popular, highly reputed and considered as one of the best Atlanta attractions. Whenever you are there, don’t forget to give yourself a good 2 to 3 hours exploring as you do not want to miss out a bit on what this mini planet of Coca Cola has to show you. We can proudly say that Atlanta is the home to the best beverage in the world.


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