An Accident Doctor Saved My Life – And Money!

Have you ever had an accident that caused you to think twice on hitting the road or made you make trips to your doctor more than all of the visits to a doctor combined?

If yes then you need to get yourself medical insurance. Did you know that many people have to pay a huge sum of their medical bills just because they are not prepared for any hazardous event happening in their life?

In case of an accident, the first you should hit the phones is your accident injury doctor. He can help you with your life and also help you save money.

You ask how?

You will know. Let’s begin our article with the introduction to this special doctor and how he plays an impactful role in your life.

Who is an Accident doctor?

This doctor is is your ultimate help after an injury in an automobile wreck. They are capable of providing you with legal and professional medical documentation that you will be requiring for while filing for your injury case.

If you have not consulted a doctor then you might not have the right to file and claim compensation in a personal injury case. These doctors are trained to handle all forms of car collision injuries. Different vehicles can cause different types of injuries and your doctor will treat your injuries, send a bill to your insurance provider or your attorney/medical lien.

In short, they can help you get your bills paid via the medical insurance and provide you with treatment after your accident.

Usually, a medical team of doctors has compiled that deal with all kinds of medical inconveniences.

Medical Bills

We all know the impact of a medical bill on a personal budget. Hence, it is recommended that you have your medical insurance up to date all the time and ready to be claimed in case of an inconvenience. If your case goes to the doctor who will be treating you for your injuries after a car wreck, they will focus on billing your insurance company directly.

They prefer treating the patient under an attorney or medical lien. When your compensation has been looked after and your treatment sponsored by your medical insurance provider, all you need to look after is your health and a speedy recovery.

Car and Medical Insurance

A car and medical insurance are important as soon as you make a purchase or register yourself for the most convenient medical insurance.

After an accident claiming insurance becomes tricky to opt for. Hence, you need to be smart and full of proofs when you go and claim for your insurance.

If you are suffering from this scenario, consider the following steps before filling out that claim form:

  • Estimate damage from your most convenient and reliable workshop
  • Bills and medical reports made by your doctor

Medical Lien

A medical lien can be confirmed by the doctor as this guarantees that the doctor will be getting paid and that all the dues that are pending will be cleared after the treatment.

Attorney Lien

An attorney’s lien offers a guarantee that the doctor will be paid from the settlement issued by the insurance company.

Medical Records

Unless you have proper proof in writing of what has happened to you, you cannot make the government compensate for the amount of pain you are suffering. Your doctor treating you for the accidents will make professional medical record statements for you where everything will be clearly stated.

For all the claims that you need to make, keep in mind that oral subjects have no value no matter how much the loss. Hence, going for a clearer and more professional proofs of the damage caused to your health and your property can help you claim for successful insurance.

Value your current case

You need to emphasize the post-accident situation and why it has become important for you to file for insurance. A detailed report of the patient is created which usually consists of the following:

  • Details about the accident i.e. place, damage, injuries, casualties (if any) and faulty party.
  • Details of previous medical records.
  • Enlighten the jury if any special treatment and tests such as the MRI, Compression therapy, CT Scan or X-rays have been performed.
  • What is the doctor’s prescription about the patient and his condition?
  • details on the involvement of a specialist doctor
  • Information on the cause of injuries and their side / after effects
  • Details on whether the patients will require medical assistance in the future or not
  • Effect of the injuries directly on the patient’s health.

Medical History

Once you are under treatment, make sure to inform your doctor about your previous medical conditions. This will help them evaluate whether you need any special treatment or your sensitivity to a certain medication. Not providing with your previous medical data will also weaken your case when you claim for insurance. If you are not confident about elaborating your previous condition, you are not true to your medical supervisors.


Usually, the doctor issued after the treatment will ask you to pay frequent visits to his clinic until you have recovered completely from the condition. Taking breaks during the treatment is not healthy for you and your claim as well. Hence, it is advised that you listen to the doctor and be more frequent of trips to his clinic.


Your accident can be bad and can cause severe damage to your body as well as pocket. It is always advised by professionals to keep your medical and vehicle insurance up to date as any inconvenience can become a big deal if your insurance company is not covering it.

Your post-accident doctor plays a very important role in your claim for compensation. He is an authorized person to help you in this regard. Keeping details of all your medical records and professional documentation can make it easier for you to claim for compensation.

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