Online Games You Can Play Without a Gaming System

Online Games You Can Play Without a Gaming System

If your computer isn’t powerful enough to run games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft, simply continue reading to find out about 5 online games which you’ll be able to run on any laptop.

Online games you can play without a gaming system:

1. Second Life

Second Life is a social simulation game, which is played by approximately 1 million users. Second Life boasts a massive playable world which features countless cities, some of which have been designed as replicas of real-world locations.

If you choose to customize your own second life Avatar, you’ll be able to build your dream home or apartment, make new friends and even start your own Second Life business, which can earn you real money.

2. Trivador

Trivador is a strategic game in which your aim is to take over as much of a map of the world as you can by answering quiz questions. Think of Trivador as a hybrid of the board game Risk and a quiz night.

To take over an opponent’s plot of land, you’ll need to answer a randomly selected question as quickly as you can. Better yet, most of the questions aren’t multiple choice and require you to type in an answer, with the most accurate answer winning.

3. Pandemic 2

The aim of Pandemic 2 is to infect as much of the world as you can with a lethal virus. Your ultimate goal is to infect the entire world, without the world’s leaders finding a means of curing your virus. When you start each game you’ll be able to release your virus into a single country.

There are a variety of strategic ways to significantly increase your virus’ rate of infection. An example of which include mutating your virus so that it becomes airborne and can travel to other countries, regardless of whether other countries have closed their borders to the origin country of your virus.

4. Alter Ego

Alter Ego is one of the simplest yet most profound games which you’ll ever come across. Alter Ego is a text-based game which allows you to live out a life from birth to old age, during each stage of your life, you’ll get to make a multitude of decisions which affect your character’s personality, safety, skill set and relationships with their family members and friends.

Alter Ego tackles some serious themes such as child abuse, domestic abuse, drug consumption, and poverty. However, whilst living out your Alter Ego life you’ll also have the opportunity to go to college, start a family, invest some of your income and travel the world.

5. Offworld Trading Company

If you love games like Civilization and Age of Empires, it’s well worth playing Offworld Trading Company, which allows you to build a trading company on Mars and to eventually lay waste to your competitors’ outposts. As Offworld Trading Company is a blend of a business simulation game and an empire building game.

So if you’re interested in spending a couple of hours playing a new online game, which doesn’t require a gaming computer, simply pick one of the fun games listed above and get started.

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