How to Make a Girl Feel Special on Her Birthday

Are you looking for ways to make your girl friend/ sister/ best friend’s birthday special? Every woman loves surprises and would want her birthday to be special. Remember that the key to finding the best gesture is to know her personality well. Knowing about her likes and dislikes will help you understand what to present to her. Here are some ways in which you can make her feel as if she in on the top of the world.


  • Make a Birthday Card: Nothing expresses your feelings better than written words. If you wish to show her how important she is then make a beautiful birthday card for the lovely lady. Pour out your heart and tell her how special she is. You can get creative and make the card even better by adding some glitter or paper quilling. Try and make her day better by letting her know what a wonderful person she is.
  • Take Her for an Outing: Does she have a favourite/fun place that is sure to lit up her face ?Why not take her out to this place? Book a perfect candle light dinner at the her favourite place and spend some quality time with your girl.
  • Throw a Surprise Party: Women simply love surprises and if you wish to make her birthday memorable then plan a surprise for her. Get in touch with her circle of friends and invite them over for the surprise party. Decorate the house and make it look vibrant and attractive. Get some party props also to make the moments special. Moreover, you would have to plan exactly how you lead her to the surprise. Take help from family and friends and see the happiness doubling on her face.
  • Get her an Amazing Cake: For her birthday, make an extra effort and get something which is surely going to rob her heart and there could be nothing better than a beautifully decorated birthday cake. You could get amazing birthday cake for girls these days that have great themes. If she is a fan of makeup, you can get her a MAC themed cake. Similarly, if she is a movie geek then opt for cakes inspired from her favourite movie. She would be more than happy to receive such a personalized cake. It would show her that you actually care about her and that you know how to make her happy.
  • Plan a trip Outside: You don’t always have to celebrate the birthday at home. There are several beautiful destinations which you can explore outside too. For instance, you can take her for a trekking adventure or even for a mini getaway. Find out which places around you are exciting and take her there as a surprise.

Thus, with the help of the above tips, you can make her birthday very special.. If you wish her birthday to be really special then plan everything beforehand. Take help from near and dear ones to make her birthday really memorable.

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