Constipation: Its Causes and Treatments

Constipation is the state when a person suffers from infrequent bowel motion and stool (poo), which might be hard and dry, that is difficult to pass. A constipated person may also suffer from stomach cramps and nausea as well. There are many causes for this particular problem like certain medicines, improper diet, less intake of fluids, and inactiveness.

One must follow a good bowel habit in day to day life to stay away from constipation. Bowel habits vary from person to person; for some, it might be one bowel motion a day while for some, it might be more than that a day.

Main Causes

1. Medical reasons

• Thyroid problem

• Diabetes

• Spinal injuries

• Having extra calcium in the body

• Parkinson’s disease

• Bowel blockages

• An issue with the structure of the bowel

Apart from these medical conditions, there are several medicines which have side-effects, it mostly includes the likings of

• Painkillers

• Anti-sickness medicines

• Blood pressure medicines

• Vitamin supplements

• Drugs for indigestion (antacids)

• Drugs prescribed for Parkinson’s disease

2. Lack of Fiber in the diet

Fiber assists the bowels in working regularly with ease. More the amount of fiber, higher will be the digestion rate. Hence the diet must include fiber in high amount to reduce the chances of constipation.

3. Lack of Workout

Fitness of the human body is determined by how much time a person gives for workout and exercises regularly. In a life full of chaos, one must take out some time to work out. Muscle tone gets reduced in stomach and bowel if body experiences lack exercise. Hence regular exercise keeps the bowel work appropriately.

4. Negligence in opening the bowel

It is rightly said that one must respond to nature’s call whenever and wherever it comes. Many people out there have a situation of discomfort in opening the bowel outside their home conditions; this just makes the situation worse as the stool gets hard and dry, which later doesn’t pass out easily. Many pieces of research have shown up that those who ignore to open the bowel are the one who often suffers from constipation.

5. Using laxatives for a long term

Laxatives are the medicine available for constipation, which is often bought without a prescription. The most important thing about using laxative is how properly people use it because taking laxatives for a long time makes bowel lazy and affects its natural functioning. Hence it is advisable to consult the doctor before taking up any medication to prevent damages of bowels.

Treatment to relieve Constipation

The best foods to relieve constipation.

Drinking plenty of water

The central cause of constipation is a dehydrated body; to overcome this, it is necessary to consume plenty of water. But at the same time, one must avoid over intake of carbonated water as it can affect the health.

Consume more fiber

People who suffer from constipation are advised to increase fiber intake in their diet. Increase in fiber content helps inconsistency of bowel motion. A recent study stated that nearly 77% of people who suffered from chronic constipation got benefitted by supplementing fiber in addition to their regular diet.

Focus more on Exercising

Exercise can help patients of constipation up to some extent. Studies have shown mixed results regarding the benefits of exercising for constipated people. But more or less exercises regularly helps to get rid of constipation. Including a simple walk in your daily routine can also help positively.

Start Drinking Coffee

Coffee is also known as a great stimulator of muscles in the digestive system, which makes people urge to go to the washroom. It has been claimed in studies that caffeinated coffee has the ability similar to a meal to stimulate the gut. Coffee consists of a small amount of fiber that helps remove constipation, as discussed earlier.

In the end, everything sums up to the bowel habits and intake of the proper diet with a good amount of fiber in it, which promotes the bowel motion. One must inculcate good bowel habits, and focus on regular exercises, avoid unnecessary laxatives for the long term but, MiraLAX an effective medication treatment is used to treat constipation. Apart from it drink plenty of water regularly to keep the bowel motion right and stay away from constipation. Stay Healthy Stay Happy.

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