TitleCard Capital discusses celebrities making it big in the business world

TitleCard Capital is celebrities collecting together to invest in high risk profile business investments; in our modern world which is fascinated by celebrities where we all believe we need our teeth whitening, breasts enhancing and all of the latest designer clothes and items. There are many stories of celebrities who blew all of their wealth on fast cars and massive mansions and are having to go on second rate reality shows just to have enough money to live. Can the stars also make successful investment decisions?

This article does not majorly refer to the fact that celebrity endorsement of a product can massively increase sales, but it is probably only fair to touch on that part of the business. For many these deals from big companies are also worth millions to the individual who chooses to endorse them, even for something as much as a 5-minute advert you can be talking six figure cash sums. So, these are ways that celebrities are being successful in business. Nothing more than their individual talent or skill whether this be in music, sport and so on and the fact that they are admired by many is what achieves them this cash sum.

Celebrity money managers will often recommend smaller diversified assets to their famous clients but here are some successful investments made by celebrities that might surprise you.

Many celebrities have begun investing in alcohol! One recently invested in vodka and the celebrity endorsement made the profits sky rocket. Then this celebrity went on to do the same for a tequila manufacturer.

Clothing networks are quite a common acquisition of the celebrity and seem to attract big business even though their prices are high. This is especially true of male footwear and also female shoes and handbags.

Some stars get into property and some inadvertently get into property just because they like to move or find it easier to move due to work or family commitments. Their houses, which are beautiful, can then are sought after by not only people who love their home but also want to live in a house that one of their idols lived in.

Certain celebrities or one in particular has her own organic children’s produce brand that appeals to ethical customers and the company is doing exceptionally well.

Some celebrities are investing big in the tech market and doing very well from it.

Restaurants is an unusual investment but there are some major celebrities investing and endorsing chefs and restaurants that they love. This is bringing major success for a few of them.

Some celebrities will inevitably invest in the area they work in whether this be movies or music. They may also want to use their art and investment to bring about positive change in their industry.

Others are interested in the investment market and like to plan exactly where their money is going, and some are winning big in the conventional world of finance.

Whatever spurs a star to be a star and sets them on this track seems to also involve skills that are transferable into the business market and as an old age adage says money makes money.

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