Fun Halloween Activities for Adults

Growing up sucks, especially at times like Halloween when you can see children having all the fun. Remember the times when you used to dress up in your favourite costumes, go trick or treating and gorge yourself on sweets?

The adult version of Halloween doesn’t have to be something boring. On the contrary, Halloween can turn into the really spooky version that kids aren’t ready for, and the costumes can get even more creative. You are never too old to enjoy a holiday like Halloween therefore; these ideas might just be what you need.

1. Haunted sites

If getting some scares still gets your blood pumping, then you should consider going to a haunted site near you. The screams will make you feel alive than ever. There are lots of great packages all over the UK with haunted houses, castles, grave sites and other packages guaranteed to give you a fright. The best thing about haunted sites is that you can go alone or with friends and have fun all the same.

2. Themed party

Themed parties are fun, and you can play dress up with your friends in the costumes you really want to wear. You can be as goofy as you want, or as creative as you can. Things happen to get interesting when people dress of a trendy theme or the most popular scary movie at the moment. Make a theme and everyone will follow.

3. Bookish fun

If you’re the type that likes to curl up with a good book, get yourself in the Halloween mood with the special selection of Halloween books that The Works has to offer. You can still find the spooky and scary side of this day with a great novel. You don’t really need anything for this activity other than a great book. Find yourself a quiet place and wait to be scared of what you read.

4. Organise an adult trick-or-treat

Well, since we’re being goofy anyway, who says you can’t grab a basket and get some sweets? Organise a grown-up trick-or-treat with a network of your best mates and have everybody go to each other’s houses for sweets. You can dress up without feeling weird in any way-mostly because you’ll be driving to your destination. A win-win.

5. Game night

A spooky game night will get your heart racing and give you an excuse to hang out with your friends and co-workers without all the boredom. A little bit of research will give you some ideas for simple games and board games that would be perfect for your Halloween game night. To put a spin on it, there can be a prize for whoever gets the most points in all the games and what better than a stash of sweets as their reward?

Sweets, friends, games, books and a splash of booze is all you need to have a great adult Halloween. The only problem is that you’ll have so much fun, you won’t want Halloween to end.

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