Carousel Advertising: An Effective Tool for Business

The social media marketing scenes for the business have been shaking up with the carousel advertising features. It is an addition to the existing methods of advertising. With carousel advertising, the businesses and brands would be able to reach to the users in an interesting way. It is much like the mobile ads on Facebook, the user can go through a number of images in one post. It provides complete utilization of Instagram for business.

It is an advancement to a whole new world with no more need of posting photo by photo. All the related content can be displayed in just a single post which makes it easier for both you and the users. There could be a huge impact on the business of those who leverage this feature.

Guidelines for Carousel Posts

There is a limit of 10 photos or videos in a single post which can be edited individually or through a single filter. Order can be changed for the photos to depict a storyline and followers can be tagged in individual phots. But the likes and engagement happen on a post overall. To make it clear to the users that it is a carousel post, Instagram uses a thumbnail just like for a video to play.


It opens up whole new dimensions for the businesses for their social media strategies. You need not clog your feed with over posting related to a topic. The carousel can easily tell a story or summarize a product.

Following the non-chronological order algorithm of Instagram, posting individually about a story won’t necessarily display in the same order. Carousel ads remove that kind of implications and improve the advertising scenario for the businesses.

Usage of Carousel Ads

Companies and brands are using carousel posts to differentiate themselves from others and reach out to a large number of followers. If you are aware of the best way to buy Instagram followers in 2019, you can be a successful marketer.

  • Self-Promotion– Businesses and brands use Instagram to promote themselves and their products. Carousel eliminates the increase in thenumber of posts related to a single topic. It increases interaction as customers are bound to go through the complete post. It can be useful for the promotion of something new.
  • DIY or Step-By-Step- Carousel ads make their mark for the step-by-step tutorials. It becomes easier for the user to understand a single step at a time and hence increases efficiency.
  • Story-Telling– It can be used by the brands to showcase their inception or a story of new product development.
  • Launch of New Product– If you are regularly launching new products, then it becomes important to group all the photos in a single post to avoid any confusion amongst the followers.
  • Behind the Scenes– One way to use carousel ads by businesses is that they take the followers behind the scenes. With more photos related to a single incident, can satisfy the followers.

Carousel Advertising is an effective tool for business accounts as well as personal accounts. It brings cohesiveness in the posts and allows the followers to digest the content easily.

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