Let’s Think About How Electricity Use Will Look Like Years From Now

Electricity delivery is getting better and better as time passes but they are not discussed in general media. Most people think about how much they pay for power but we need to look at much more than that in order to figure out what happens in the industry. We do have clear signs that things are changing.

For instance, companies like Lindsey Manufacturing Company constantly improve the technology available for power distribution. As a result, electricity is cheaper to transport, leading to lower prices. Also, losses are reduced. Even so, we are faced with a problem in the fact that most of the electricity comes from power sources that are non-renewable.

So, what will the future of electricity be like? In order to answer this question we need to look at the advancements that are already available and that will most likely become common use.

Wireless Electricity

Think about a world where electricity can be delivered just as the internet reaches us with WiFi connections. Removing wires to get the power we need for our devices is something that can definitely shape how we see and use electricity. What was often seen as just a Sci-Fi subject is quickly turning into reality. There are research teams that are actually close to this development. Success was already reported with wireless power transfer experiments. Wireless electricity distribution is something that would at the very least remove most of the power lines that we need to use at the moment.

Full Consumer Control

According to industry leaders, power supplies will surely become personalized. This practically means that the consumer will have much more control and will decide how electricity is delivered. You can even end up in the scenario where you do not have to make a payment in the event you leave on vacation. Power suppliers are now faced with more competition since public companies no longer control everything. This competition is in the benefit of everyone as it brings down electricity costs and forces companies to come up with new technology or lower costs at the end-user level.

Green Energy

Much has been said about using renewable, green energy sources and it is great to see that this is quickly becoming a reality. In the future it is expected that we will rely on non-renewable energy sources like the power coming from the sun. You most likely already know about the existence of solar power but did you know that TESLA actually created a roof that doubles up as a solar panel? This means that installing the roof means you get all the electricity you need for your home. Such an installation does cost a lot of money at the moment but as time passes, the technology will become more and more accessible.

Green energy sources are particularly important for the future of electricity use since there is a possibility that we will no longer have to pay for the electricity that we use. The only investment that would be needed would be in the technology needed to generate electricity, like the solar panels that are quickly becoming better and better.


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