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When media companies are discussed, there is usually the underlying belief that they are cold, stuffy places that are unpleasant to work at and work with.

This is, thankfully, not the case with Best Version Media. As Best Version Media reviews will show, they have a great professional culture and past and present employees all have good things to say about them.

  1. Work culture: While working at Best Version Media has been shown to be an intense and very professionally stimulating experience by employees of the company, it has also been shown to be an enjoyable one as well not taking itself too seriously.

A quick glance at recent updates on its Glassdoor profile shows that they have organized Halloween parties as well as a flapjack and flannel potluck for employees. These sorts of activities help to boost employee morale and as such, it is no surprise that Best Version Media was honored at the Best Places to Work award ceremony.

Their reviews on Indeed are also very telling, with employees heralding the company for providing not only a great place but also an environment to thrive. This can be seen by the company being scored 4.2 stars in work/life balance by employees.

Also, 82 percent of those who wrote Best Version Media Reviews on Glassdoor stated that they would recommend the firm to a friend.

  1. Great people: The lifeblood of any organization is the people who work there and Best Version Media has been careful to hire only the best talent for their firm.

For example, their CEO, David Durand, has received over 200 ratings on Glassdoor and has a 96 percent approval rating. The company also received the Highest Rated CEOs- Small and Medium Companies from Glassdoor in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Their management also has a 4.1 rating on Indeed which is also evidence of their good work/life balance and employee satisfaction.

Their reviews also show them being repeatedly praised for their choice in people and overall, they are regarded as a great place to work at.

  1. Publications: Best Version Media is one of the fastest growing media companies in North America. This is because they have a varied roster of publication in a wide range of niches such as Greenwich Neighbors, Cedar Park Neighbors, and Hillside Living.

These publications touch on a wide variety of subjects from daily living to health and appeal to a wide demographic in terms of age and location.

Best Version Media reviews also show that their training program for professionals within their industry is highly effective and their Glassdoor rating also indicates that their program is loved by those who participate in it.


Best Version Media has shown itself, through feedback from past and current employees, to be a great place for those working with and for them.

Their company culture has been shown to value work/life balance and employee satisfaction. Their management is loved by their staff and their publications are varied and beneficial for their demographics.

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