3 Ways To Relax After A Stressful Week

At one point or another, everyone is going to experience a stressful week. Whether this stress comes as part of personal issues, family troubles, strain at work, or otherwise, it’s good to know how to turn this stress off, at least for a short time, in order to relax both physically and mentally.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three ways to relax after a stressful week.

Splurge On Something Luxurious

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s normal to neglect taking care of yourself. However, when you do this, it becomes easier and easier to feel stressed and have difficulty overcoming it.

One way you can practice a bit of self care, according to Elizabeth Scott, a contributor to Very Well Mind, is to treat yourself by splurging on something luxurious that you may not normally allow. For some people, this luxurious treat might be a relaxing massage. For others, you may choose to splurge on a new product that you’ve been wanting or a short weekend vacation to a relaxing location. Whatever it is you choose, just make sure that the whole point is to help you feel less stressed and to get your mind off of whatever it is that’s stressing you out in the first place.

Disconnect From Technology

Often, after a long day of participating in stressful activities, people will wind up just zoning out by looking at their phones or watching TV. But by doing this, you’re not actually giving your brain or your body the break that they need from feeling stressed.

Knowing this, one thing you can do after a stressful week is to take a break from using technology. According to Best Health Magazine, if you can tap into some old fashioned roots and find a way to pass the time that doesn’t involve a screen, like reading, cooking, knitting, drawing, and other activities, you may find that it’s easier for your brain to slow down and your body to relax.

Allow Yourself Time To Do Something Unproductive

Sometimes, what you really need to help you forget about whatever is stressing you out in life is to do something that’s completely different from that stressful activity. However, many people have a hard time with this because that stressful event may be something that will take time to accomplish. But when you’re working too hard on something stressful, what can be most beneficial is to just take a break.

With this in mind, the University of Michigan Health System recommends a few things that you can do that will allow your mind to take a break from stress. This can be done by doing breathing exercises, soaking in a warm bath, practicing meditation, and other calming activities. Just make sure that before you take something like this on, you give yourself permission to not be productive on whatever task is before you so that you can come back to it in the future with renewed energy.

If you’ve just had a stressful week, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how you can relax and unwind both your mind and your body.

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