The drum is the instrument that holds prominence during a music play. This member of the percussion groups has evolved from time to time and in modern music, any record label feels incomplete without the beat of a drum.

From the big acoustic drum sets featured in modern music to the more cultural hand drums like the bongo or conga, all are used to bring a vibe o the rhythm that allows the listener to stand up and have the time of their life on the dance floor.

Children of the modern age are more accustomed to having an extra skill of mastering a musical instrument. Whether it’s the piano or the drum your child can have the lesson they want to opt but you need to make sure to give your children the best of drum lessons in your home or to a professional class.

Is your child refusing to go to the classes?

So your child demanded that he or she wants to opt for the recent classes to learn the drum but all of a sudden the interest has gone from zero to none and the same child is refusing to attend that very own class that once he wanted to be in so badly.


If your child does not want to attend the class, there may be certain reasons apart from being lazy. So, before you bash your child of being lazy and incompetent, make sure you have talked to him and heard his stance.

Some of the reasons why children refuse to attend their classes are:

Pace of Teaching

Every child learns at a different pace and for art like learning the drum, you must be aware that everyone has a different speed to gather the concept and knowledge about the instrument. Your child must not be able to cope with the speed at which the lessons are being given at the academy. Many children lose interest in what they are loved to learn once only because they can’t understand what is being taught to them.

The atmosphere of the Academy

In the music academy, you can expect any kind of kid to join. Of course, whoever can afford is always welcome. Some children and even teachers can be toxic to your child. Bullying has become common and if your child fails to adjust in the atmosphere he or she is going, then it definitely is the time to have a talk with the senior management.

Teaching Methodologies

The way they teach at the academy can be too formal or too professional making it a bit difficult for the young mind to grab it. To have the best teaching methodology, it is best to opt for an academy following the latest teaching trends. We know very well that Mozart could play the instruments in front of the royalty at the age of 5 but let’s face it your child is not Mozart.

Now What?

Well you see your child whining about not going but you know that this is the skill they ought to learn, consider the following:

Talk it through

Talk to your hesitant child about the passion they had for the drums and encourage them to start it at home. Remember to search a bit more about how to give your child drum lessons in your home and make them realize that you are with them in this journey of mastering the skill. Children do wonders if sufficient confident is put into them.

Make it fun

Don’t make your child realize that learning the instrument is just a regular chore for them. Motivate them with the help of famous people and how they made their name in the relevant field by practicing at home. Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Keith Moon and several others can be a good motivation for the children as these drummers are famous in the industry because of self-learning.

Constructive Criticism and Encouragement

We know that you want the best of your child. To make them develop their skill, criticize them not to shatter their confidence but to help them improve what they are already capable of doing. Your constructive criticism and the act of encouraging them can motivate your child to get better at what he does.


The wonders of the internet never cease to fail the human mind. Get on the internet and show your child the little people their age who are playing way better than some of the adults they know. This way your child will be compelled to learn more and give his best to the instrument and he will be focused on the entire learning procedure.

Time Limits

Time limits are important for both adults and children. If your child is learning to play the drum, give them time to practice and conduct sessions where you will be evaluating their progress. Don’t let them down if they do not understand or perform as you are expecting from them. Different children have different learning abilities.


Who doesn’t like to get a little treat every now and then? If you are teaching your kids to play and your child is living up to your expectations now – don’t forget to reward them. A little treat to their favorite park or simply their favorite burger would do the trick and encourage them to work even harder so they can earn bigger rewards next time.


Sending your child to learn the drums is a good option and it will help him or she develops a skill for a lifetime. Children can refuse to attend a certain class because of the way they are teaching over there or simply because your kid is not comfortable there. Understand the reasoning your child has to give you and encourage them with examples of how different people were successful and so can they by giving time to drum lessons in your home. Motivate them, criticize them positively and make sure to reward them on a good performance.


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