Danny Boice – Key Roles of a Private Investigator

Trustify is a company who can help you to find the perfect private investigator for you, they are a cost-effective and highly efficient company who have changed the face of private investigation. In an effort to find out more about private investigation and what the job involves, we were lucky enough to speak to Danny Boice, a private investigator who works for Trustify alongside his partner in crime – or justice – Jennifer Mellon. We wanted to know what were some of the most common tasks which a private investigator must carry out, and here is what Danny had to say.  


Private investigators are often stereotyped as being the men and women that hide in the shadows on stake outs and it is one of the few stereotypes which does have a ring of truth to it. Surveillance does form an important part of the role of private investigation and it is something which they must carry out quite regularly. Contrary to what you think however most of these surveillance jobs are to watch over a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, to see whether or not they are being faithful. Occasionally they will be tasked with keeping an eye on a witness at the behest of the courts but by and large surveillance is for matters which are a little more personal.


Information is a private investigator’s best friend and one of their daily tasks which they will carry out is the gathering of information in order to support a case or a claim. It is for this reason why we see so many ex-law enforcement working within this sector, because they have contacts and know-how which can help them to obtain the necessary information. Sometimes this may be as simple as looking through a database and on other occasions they may need to carry out interviews with important people, in order to gather the information that is needed. The key here is about knowing where to get the right information, something which a PI is very good at.


Background checks form a key responsibility for a private investigator and they are very often asked by businesses to carry out checks on people who they are looking to hire. A background check will bring forward information such as criminal history, credit checks, educational history, employment history and driving license history, as well as any other kind of specific information which the employer wishes to carry out. In some cases clients will even ask a private investigator to give them a background check on someone who they are thinking about dating, in order to make sure that they are in fact who they claim to be. The latter example is sin the minority and in most cases they will perform these checks on behalf of businesses.  

Do you think you will like a career in private investigation? What is it about the industry that attracts you? Let us know in the comments.

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