What can Solar Panels Power

While you may be familiar with how solar panels work, you may not be aware of all of the uses of solar energy. To discover a few common uses of solar energy which is produced by solar panels, check out Sunly.ca or simply continue reading.

What can Solar Panels Power?

Electric cars:

While you don’t need to use solar power to charge an electric car, company’s like Tesla sell solar panels, which can be used to charge electric cars. So if you care about living a forward thinking eco-friendly lifestyle and wish to purchase an electric car in the near future, it’s well worth having a solar panel placed on the side of your house. So that you’ll be able to cost effectively power your electric car.


While you may be familiar with electric cars being powered by solar energy, you may not realize that many boat owners also use solar panels to power their boats.

Your home’s appliances and electronics:

If you have solar panels fitted to your roof, the energy which is collected and produced by your solar panels can be converted by an inverter into electricity which you can use to power all of the appliances and electronics in your home.

As an example, you’ll be able to use solar energy to power all of the light bulbs in your home. As well as your oven, fridge, washing machine, television and air conditioning unit. You can even charge your laptop and smart phone with power which was generated by your solar panels. If you were curious, yet residential solar panels can be powerful enough to produce enough energy to power an entire family home


It’s becoming increasingly more common in recent years for businesses to invest in placing solar panels on their rooftops.In fact, many businesses are able to power all of their appliances and electronics using their own solar panels. Which also allows businesses to offset their carbon footprint or to try and achieve an admirable carbon neutral footprint.

Eco friendly hotels and resorts:

Residential homes and businesses aren’t the only buildings which are often powered by solar generated electricity. As green, eco-friendly have increased in popularity, due to society’s changing tastes and preferences, more eco friendly hotels and resorts have opened in recent years. Most of which have opted to install solar panels in order to provide all the electricity which they need to run on a day to day basis.

Apartment buildings:

Across the world more apartment buildings are being built which feature integrated solar panels. Which produce power for each apartment buildings residents to use. In the future expect to see a greater number of apartment buildings being powered by solar panels, instead of by traditional forms of electricity such as fossil fuels.

So if you’re interested in the many uses of solar panels, hopefully you’ve discovered a few new uses, that you’ve never heard of before. Although as technology advances, expect to see a greater number of items being charged by solar panels. Especially as governments around the world are growing more and more concerned about the very real threat of climate change.


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