Adding Emotional Intelligence To Leadership

EI (emotional intelligence) can be described as one’s ability to control and understand personal emotions and emotions of those that interact with the individual. Those that have high emotional intelligence have a higher understanding of feelings and what emotions represent, together with how emotions influence people. Every single leader out there that has high EI, like German Trujillo Manrique, manages to control emotions. In fact, when you have high emotional intelligence there is a high possibility that you are fit to be a leader.

Adding emotional intelligence to your leadership skills involves different things, including the following aspects:


When you are self-aware it means you know how your actions and emotions affect those around you. At the same time, it means that you are aware of weaknesses and strengths so it is easier to behave with more humility, which people really love.


The leaders that effectively control themselves will seldom attack others and will not make emotional decisions. They also do not compromise morals or typecast people. Leaders need to understand what does not have to be compromised and what should be compromised. It is also easier to understand what values are really important. High self-regulation helps re-examine ethics and make sure they are always in check.

When you have a tendency to put the blame on others as something bad happens, accountability is low. It is important to admit mistakes and face outcomes, no matter if they are serious or not.


Energetic leaders always consistently work towards a purpose. They have high work quality standards. Personal motivation needs to be as high as possible. You do this by first re-examining what you love about the career and what you do not. When unhappy in a role and struggling, you have to spend time to locate the real root of the faced problem. You want to start at the exact source in order to fully know where you are.

Always think about how motivated you actually are to be a leader. Leadership motivation assessment can be completed so you realize exactly this. The motivated leaders tend to be positive, no matter what problem appears. Such an approach is not easy to implement, but in the long run, it is highly effective.


No matter how we look at things, empathy is simply vital when you want to manage a highly successful organization or team. The leaders that do have empathy can properly analyze what others do by simply putting themselves in their shoes.

Empathy allows you to earn loyalty and respect. This is sometimes really difficult to do but there are various exercises you can do in order to increase your empathy.

As a simple related tip, be sure that you are attentive to the body language of those around you. This can tell you a lot that people do not actually say. Properly analyzing body language is incredibly beneficial if you are a leader, no matter how big or small the led team is. Sometimes, body language is more important than words.


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