Jared Seyl Farmers Insurance Expert on Your Life Insurance

Jared Syel farmers insurance expert can turn his hand to just about any kind of insurance advice and that is why we asked him to give us a hand in answering some of your burning questions that you have when it comes to life insurance. Life insurance is an option which many people across the US rely on and it can help out a huge number of people after the loss of a loved one. We often get requests asking us about what people should be thinking about before they decide on a life insurance policy and that is why we have Jared along to help us out.

Length of Time

Firstly you should be thinking about how long you want to take out this policy for as not all life insurances are forever. In some cases you can opt to have your insurance cover you for a lifetime but there are other plans which will insure you for a certain duration which can be beneficial if you are only really concerned about something like a mortgage or short term debt.

How Much Money?

Something else which people often struggle with is working out exactly how much money they need on their policy. For this Jared recommends using a method which is referred to as DIME, an acronym for the following.

Debt – Work out all of your combined debt including mortgage, personal loans, credit card, student loans etc.

Income – Who currently depends on the income that you make now and who will need that support once you have gone?

Mortality – How much will funeral and burial costs be?

Education – May you need enough money to pay your children through education or for any childcare?

Using this system you can get a rough figure for how much you need to look for with your policy.


You will of course need to name a beneficiary for your life insurance policy and just something to bear in mind here, naming either minors or your own estate is not a great idea. If you leave the money to your own estate then you may face tax implications and if you name a minor then they may have difficulty obtaining the money.

Additional Benefits

There are some additional benefits which you may wish to look out for from your life insurance policy and they can often offer some great additions to any policy that you invest in. For example a life insurance policy can be added to your financial portfolio and it can also be considered as a savings plan which will appreciate over the years.

Once you know exactly what you want from your life insurance policy make sure that you get in touch with a professional advisor who will not only be able to help you find the right type of policy that you are looking for, but will also help you throughout the whole process.


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