Dr. Victoria J Mondloch reveals the best sleep tips for pregnant women

She has established herself as one of the best family doctors in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Bearing this in mind, Dr. Victoria J Mondloch is well and truly the go-to person when it comes to any pregnancy topics.

Considering the fact that one of the biggest pain points for pregnant women is sleeping, this is what we have decided to question her on today. There are a whole host of medical reasons why sleeping during pregnancy is difficult and if you were to look through a journal on the topic, it’s probably been mentioned plenty of times as well. Nevertheless, to condense this information, let’s take a look at the top suggestions that Victoria Mondloch has when it comes to sleeping in your pregnant state.

The power of exercise

This first point surrounds exercise and ultimately, getting the blood pumping. As Dr. Victoria J Mondloch has written about in journal after journal, the population as a whole just doesn’t invest enough in exercise. For a pregnant woman, this can be particularly troublesome.

Exercise can lead to improved circulation and ultimately, fewer leg cramps. As this is one of the primary things that can keep you up at night, it’s an important part of the pregnancy process to conquer.

Of course, we should highlight the importance of “safe” exercise. In other words, especially during your pregnant state, it can be possible to do too much. As such, check with a doctor if you are unsure if your existing exercise regime is going to be good enough for you.

Learn how to relax

It might sound bizarre, but some women just don’t know how to relax according to Victoria J Mondloch. She says that learning to truly relax is one of the best things that a pregnant woman can do. Some might play board games, while others might learn various breathing techniques. Regardless of the option you choose, this isn’t just going to help in the months leading up to your pregnancy, but also during contractions when the power of relaxing really cannot be underestimated.

You might have to turn to napping

Napping is something that is often associated with the very young (your upcoming baby, for example!). However, studies have shown that the practice can aid pregnant women as well.

This is probably due to the fact that one of the big problems about sleeping whilst being pregnant is that your bump will wake you up through the night. If you are simply napping in short stints, the likelihood of this obviously drops and you will be more rested for the remainder of the day.

You may have to adjust your diet

Another problem that you have probably come across surrounds your stomach. A lot of women find that their “normal” diet is difficult to live with, and they become nauseous very quickly. This is something that can obviously have a knock-on effect on their sleep.

As such, you might have to “play it safe”. Turn to bland snacks, which can keep your stomach full but minimize the chances of it suffering from problems and keeping you up in the night.


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