PS4 vs XBOX vs Nintendo

PS4 vs XBOX vs Nintendo

If you’re looking to purchase a new gaming console, simply continue reading to discover whether you’re better off purchasing a PS4, the X Box One or the Nintendo Switch. Which are arguably the three most popular consoles in the world and each offer a wide variety of distinct benefits.

A comparison of Specs: PS4 vs XBOX vs Nintendo

1. CPU speed

The Nintendo Switch is the least powerful console out of the three and only runs at a speed of 1020 MHz, a fact which isn’t that surprising when you realize that the Switch is primarily a portable gaming console. In second place is the PS4 which boasts a CPU speed of 1,600 MHZ, whilst the X Box One offers a CPU speed of around 1,750 MHZ.

So if you’re looking for a gaming console which is able to process high-quality graphics without lagging, you’re better off opting for an X Box or PS4.

2. Memory

Again the Switch comes in third place as it only offers 4GB of internal memory while both the PS4 and Xbox One boast 8GB of internal memory, which is double the amount of memory offered by the Nintendo Switch.

3. Storage space

Again the PS4 and Xbox One tie for first place with both machines offering 500GB HDD drives. While the Switch only offers a tiny 32GB flash drive. However, the Switch does offer expandable external storage and can accommodate a microSD card. However, a microSD card is not included, with the purchase of a Switch.

Distinct benefits of the Nintendo Switch:

1. Portability

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device which has been designed to operate as both a portable handheld device and a traditional console. So if you want to continue playing a game, on your commute to work, you’ll love the flexibility and convenience which purchasing a Switch will give you, over purchasing a bulkier PS4 or X Box One. Both of which you can only play at home.

2. You’ll be able to play exclusive Nintendo content

While there are a variety of gaming franchises such as Assasin’s Creed or Need for Speed which can be played on both an X Box One and a Ps4, if you purchase a Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to play exclusive Nintendo titles. Examples of which include titles from the Zelda and Mario franchise.

Distinct benefits of the PS4 and X Box One:

1. Better specifications

If you’re a hardcore gamer who cares about graphics and processing power, you’re much better off purchasing a trusty PS4 or an X Box One over the Switch. As the Switch has been marketed more as a second console, so if you’re only going to purchase one console, you’d waste your hard earned money opting for a Switch.

2. Better add ons

As an example, if you purchase a PS4, you’ll be able to purchase your very own virtual reality headset, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the titles which you purchase.

So if you have your heart set on purchasing a new gaming console, make sure to choose the console which fits your personal gaming preferences as all three consoles are worth purchasing.

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