Games you can play while traveling!

Games you can play while traveling!

In order to keep yourself and your travel companions entertained on your next trip, continue reading to discover a few fun games which you can play while traveling.

Games You Can Play While Traveling:

1. While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping is a fun game to play on your next road trip or coach trip. Each time someone in your group falls asleep for more than 5 minutes one member of your group starts by creating a story about what happened when your friend fell asleep. As an example, while you were asleep we drove past a peacock which was standing on a donkey’s back.

With each member of your group then getting an opportunity to add to the story. When the sleepy head in the group wakes up as a group you’ll share the story which you made up together to the person who was sleeping. The objective is to get the sleepy head to believe in your story.

If someone breaks from the script, they automatically lose two points. If the person who was sleeping believe your story, each of you get awarded 3 points. However, if the person who was sleeping adds to your story and isn’t fooled they steal 3 points from each of you. Once you get to your final destination tally your points.

2. 21 Questions

The person selected has to think of a celebrity, movie character, tv character or book character which everyone in the group would easily recognize. Then each member of your group will alternate asking yes or no questions, to which the player selected can only answer with yes or no. As examples, you could ask your friend whether the person they are thinking of is female or whether they stared in a sci-fi show.

As a group, you only have 21 questions to correctly guess who the mystery person that your friend has selected is.

3. Jukebox

To play jukebox one member of your group will start the game off by singing a few lines of a song. As an example, they may start singing “Hello” by Adele. The next player has to start singing a few lines from a song which has an obvious connection to the lyrics of the first song. As an example, they may start singing “hello darkness my old friend”, which is the first line to the “Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel or “Telephone” by Lady Gaga.

If a player takes to long to come up with a song or sings incorrect lyrics they are out of the game. The games keeps going until only one player is left.

4. Travel bingo

Before you head out on your next adventure print out empty bingo cards and write sights which you expect to see on your trip on each card. As an example, one square could read street busker while another square could read Borat style mankini. At the start of your trip give a card to each of your friends.

The first person to cross out all of their bingo squares and to provide photographic proof of their feat is declared the winner of travel bingo!

Why no try to play all four travel games on your next adventure, in order to choose your favorite travel game?

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