Tatiana Kukanova On Growing Instagram Followers

If you are trying to forge a career as an Instagram influencer or something of a celebrity on the social media channel then it is important to learn from what those before you have done in order to achieve this status. This is why I want to talk to you today about the wonderful Tatiana Kukanova, a great friend of mine and an Instagram celeb who makes 6 figures annually from her influencer status and her endorsements on the social media channel. I have worked with Isabel since she started out on this campaign and here is what she did in order to amass the number of followers that she has.

Content is King 

I can remember when we were first getting started with Isabel Dos Santos and she was constantly harping on about how perfect the content had to be. I can also remember being confused as to why she would think this given that she had almost no followers beyond friends and family. After a short while however I realized why she was so focused on producing outstanding quality and it was because content really is king. Even if you have no followers at all you must invest a great deal of time into your content and make sure that it has value for people. Once Isabel’s page blew up there were people sharing the old content which she had put together which gave her page far more depth, don’t ever upload content without ensuring that it is of high quality and adds value to the reader.


Something else which Isabel Dos Santos has been doing since the early days and something which she still tries to achieve now is to interact with the people who like or comment on her page and her content. I can remember talking to her about this and she used to tell me all of the time that the internet is a community and that if she expected love from her fans and followers, that she felt duly obliged to give it back. This has no doubt gained her a large following because they know that she is going to add value to her page by sharing the love that they share with her. To gain a more loyal following, speak to the people who love you.


Tags and geotags are so vitally important in Instagram, in fact I would say that they are more important here than they are on something like Facebook or Twitter. Instagram needs a way of categorizing posts and pages and that is why hash tagging is so important. Also a great many people search Instagram for hashtags and this can bring about new followers. This is something which Isabel Dos Santos has been doing since the very beginning and it has really helped her to boost her profile and bring in more followers to her page.  

These three steps will not make you an overnight sensation but they will certainly help you to get more followers.

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