How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

Potential brides and grooms from around the world can unite when it comes to choosing your wedding colors. Everyone who has ever planned a wedding knows the struggle of choosing your colors, you want everything to be perfect and work well with your big day – the color is one of the biggest and significant things of your whole wedding, so it’s important to consider everything. Also, we would recommend that you don’t make this choice alone. It may seem like a good idea to merely choose the best colors and go ahead with the invitations and decoration options, but you should consult someone else in the process – we would recommend perhaps 3 or 4 people to give their input. Remember, you’re not asking for their opinion, you want their advice on whether the colors work well together rather than if they personally like it – that’s yours and your partners choice.

Below we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to exactly pick your wedding colors, forget all your wedding worries and take some time to embrace how beautiful this process is true.

Think about the Season

Before you start choosing the colors you like, it’s great to get some ideas down on paper, this is ideal after you have selected the month/season your wedding will be in. From this, you can choose to associate colors that correctly correspond with your season. For example, darker colors are better during the winter seasons, rustic colors work best in fall, and the summer sees brighter and more vibrant colors. Make yourself a spider diagram on a sheet with your season in the middle, from this work with your imagination and think about colors that work well with the season. Let’s be real here, navy blue and dark grey bridesmaid dresses aren’t going to work well during the hot summer months, are they? We don’t think so. However, having them in the summer months is a better option!

Choose a Base Color

This is the most dominant colors throughout your wedding venue and ceremony, this color may possibly be included in flower decorations and on the groomsmen’s outfits too. You can practically have any color as your base, from blush pinks to navy blues. It’s totally your choice. This color will be the overall vibe of your wedding, so be careful when choosing it. It’s very common to have the mother of the bride dresses the same color as the base so you may want to consult one of them to ensure they’re happy with the color.

Add an Accent Color(s)

These colors as those that can complement your base color perfectly, there are plenty to choose from. These accents will round out your wedding palette by adding dimension with the other base color. Sometimes flower girl dresses will be some form of the accent color, but they can also be plain white or cream. The accents can be bold if you wish but they’re typically the contrasting color to the base color. For example, if you have a base color of blush pink, a different color would be a darker black or grey. Some suggestions for accent colors are; navy blue, dark green and bright red. You will have to consider the base color you’re putting the accent colors with though before proceeding with decoration.

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