What a Rhinoplasty Surgery Looks Like With Stein Plastic Surgery

Last year I underwent rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Adam Stein who works in the wonderful Stein Plastic Surgery. My experience was absolutely fantastic and I wanted to write a quick piece so that you may know what to expect if you decide to have this procedure. I had wanted to have the shape of my nose corrected for many years but I was always a little too worried to actually go under the knife and have this procedure carried out. Finally however I found the perfect surgeon and I am so happy with the results, Dr. Adam Stein really is a star! And so here is a quick brief of my experience, so that you’ll know what to expect.

Finding the Clinic

Although this is a procedure which happens each and every day across the country, I wanted to make sure that I got the best possible surgeon for me. I searched online for clinics in my locality here in Raleigh, NC and I made an appointment with the clinic which had the highest star rating and the best reviews. You can’t always trust online reviews but in this case they were very accurate indeed, I would advise you to invest time finding the right surgeon.

Meetings and the Op

I had two meetings ahead pf my operation, the first was a simple chat about what results I was looking for and what could be achieved, and the second was a pre-op assessment that looked at my general health and informed me about what would happen during the operation. Finally the day came for the operation, around 2 weeks after my initial consultation. During a rhinoplasty you will be put to sleep under general anesthetic, unless you have a health condition which means that you will have to go under local anesthetic, a heavy dose I might add! Once I woke up I could feel some slight pain in my nose but more than anything I just felt uncomfortable. After an hour of recuperation time I was allowed to go home.


My recovery was tougher than most by all accounts and for the first week I was in agony with a constant headache and some light nausea. I was lucky that I didn’t have any nose bleeds which some suffer with, but the pain was challenging, so was getting to sleep! After the first week however I felt absolutely fine and other than some slight swelling an bruising around the nose I had no issues whatsoever and returned to work. Around 4 weeks after the operation I was finally able to see the results of the procedure, as the swelling and the bruising had completely disappeared. Although my recovery was tougher than a lot of people go through, it was never truly harrowing, just a constant pain.

I was so happy with the results of my rhinoplasty and I have no doubt that you will be too!


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