The 3 Most Common Uses of Limousines in 2019

Hiring a limousine service is typically only done for a fancy event or a special occasion. There’s a reason for that; over the years, limousines have gained a reputation of elegance since they are sleek, stylish, and can generally fit your entire party in one mode of transportation.

Of course it is completely OK to hire the services of a limousine company on any average day, but the real appeal of riding around in a limo is to treat yourself on a special occasion or important life event. In 2019, these are the most common special occasions where hiring a limo service is completely necessary.

Wedding Transportation

Some people say that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. It is the day you say “I do” and make a lifelong commitment to the person you love most in the world. A wedding day is already pretty special, but it can be made even morespecial if the happy couple and the bridal party are shuttled around in a luxurious limo.

In recent years, wedding parties have started to turn to party buses to get from the wedding photos to the church to the reception. Even though party buses are a new trend, there is nothing quite like the classic limousine to shuttle the bridal party around. No matter what, a limo will always be a top choice among brides and grooms around the world.

Transportation to Entertainment Venue

What’s the point of splurging on VIP tickets to see your favorite performer in concert if you don’t show up in style? This is the thought process of lots of people who have just bought tickets to see Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, or Celine Dion. After the tickets are purchased and the email confirmation is received, it is time to figure out transportation.

Hiring a car service is a good idea anyways since you won’t have to worry about a designated driver and it will simplify things immensely. But if you’re going to hire a driver, you might as well go all out with the most luxurious option… a limo.

High School Proms

Can you even say you went to your senior prom if you didn’t do the obligatory head-out-of-the-moonroof limo ride? Up until your wedding day, someone’s senior prom could be seen as the most significant day in a teenager’s life. It marks the end of those 4 amazing (and sometimes dramatic) years spent as a highschooler and is the stepping stone into college.

Just like weddings, a common trend these days for senior prom nights is to hire a party bus. But there is nothing like being chauffeured around by a limo driver who is dressed to the nine. Maybe you’re on a budget since your parents refuse to pay for a limo and you panic when you see the price of renting the service for an evening. But remember that you’re splitting on it with 10+ of your favorite friends, so the cost really won’t be that outrageous (even on a high schooler’s budget).

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