3 Huge Mistakes To Avoid When Managing A Sports Team

No matter how much business management experience you have, when it is time to manage a sports team, problems are going to appear. This is because there are so many things that are different and new things you need to be aware of. Unfortunately, most managers appointed do not actually have the experience needed or the knowledge that is necessary to do a really good job. With this in mind, Ryan Grigson, highly experienced sports team manager, shares some of the huge mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs.

Playing The Blame Game

There is always something that goes wrong. Some goals might not be met, budget might run out or who knows what? How you handle this situation will dictate whether you are a good sports team manager or a lousy one.

One of the biggest mistakes that many managers do is finding someone to blame. Sports are highly passion-driven. This means that people are driven by the passion they have for the sport. When you put the blame on someone else just to find an escape goat, things get personal. It is so easy to lose control of the players, the coaches and the management team.

Not Investing Into The Future

No matter how small a sports team is, investing in the future is a really good idea. What you are particularly interested in is creating a system that you can use to find young, good, promising players. At the same time, it is important to use different promotional strategies to get new fans. Those new fans bring in more money. That money can be used for infrastructure investments or to get even more fans.

The smart sports team managers always keep an eye on the future. This is the case even if their stay with a team will be limited. For a team to be successful it needs to have a good base and it needs to use a system that can actually lead to greatness.

Often Changing Staff Members

As already mentioned, passion is a big part of the job for most people. This is directly linked to a team culture that naturally develops. When you often change staff members you sabotage this.

The common situation that is detrimental for the team is firing people when something goes bad. Not only will this cause turmoil, it will also make those that remain on the team feel fear. The staff members and even players that are afraid to lose their place will just look for something else.

Job security is important and you need to properly assess every single situation. Being forgiving is a great trait when you identify a mistake that can be fixed. How many times did you see teams end up in relegation because the owner/manager fired three coaches during the season? Sports results appear only after you do what is needed for them to appear. There won’t be any miraculous thing that happens because you find a new staff member. Most likely, the problem is much deeper.

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