See Traditional Spanish Towns in Alicante

You don’t have to spend your time in Spain in the plastic tourist destinations. Even in popular spots like Alicante, there is plenty to do to give you a slice of the real Spain. Even without the glitz and all-night bars, the traditional Spanish towns have the same vibrant food scene and beautiful beaches. The main difference is that these places offer you a glimpse of a different idyllic kind of life. It is something that you won’t find in an enclosed resort.

There many traditional beautiful Spanish towns and villages in the Alicante. These places are fun for a day trip or even a longer stay. Between them they host some of the more interesting traditional ceremonies and festivals, ensuring there is also a stream of entertaining things to do here. These are the traditional places in Spain that you should head to next time you’re in Alicante.


Javea is a traditional and charming place in Alicante. While it has a beautiful beach and a charming coastal feel to its food, it is also home to some cultural events and natural beauty that aren’t to be missed. Bull running, religious ceremonies and even a small music festival run in the little town.

Just outside of Javea is Montgo mountain, a stunning elephant-like unit giving you a view of some of the natural beauty of Alicante.


Moraira is home to the Portet beach, one of the most picturesque and clean coastal stretches in Spain. This small beach is free from most of the tourist crowds that you’ll find at other beaches. This means you’ll have the space and freedom to really enjoy this coast.

As well as fantastic beaches though, the coast in Moraira is home to some wonderful small coves. In these outlets, you can find some privacy from others the beach and even explore the natural rock formulations. These small places are great choices for families looking to visit the coast and keep kids entertained.

Moraira is a great traditional town for those looking for an indulgent break. Its small tourism industry focuses on catering to those looking for luxury, privacy, and fun.


Benissa is home to the L’Advocat and Playa de La Fustera beaches, two of the cleanest and smoothest coasts in Alicante. However, there is more to do here if you’re looking for a different type of Spanish experience.

The Medieval Historic Centre is the destination for those interested in that fascinating period in Spanish History. It has a number of exhibitions to teach you a lot about Span’s past, all presented in an interesting way to keep even the most distracted families entertained.

The rest of Benissa is a historic and rustic place to be. Its architecture demonstrates the age and vibrancy of the region.

Alicante doesn’t have to be in one of these picturesque towns. With great transport, you can reach these places to take in their idyllic charm whenever you want if you’ve found some amazing Alicante Properties. If throughout your visits, you find traditional Spanish property has taken you, you could look for property for sale in Alicante for your holiday home.

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